‘Frasier’: See What Roz Star Peri Gilpin Looks Like Now, 18 Years Since Show Went Off Air

by Taylor Cunningham

It’s been 18 years since Peri Gilpin retired her character of Roz on Frasier. But when she did, she never left Hollywood. Here’s a look at everything the star has been doing.

On the classic TV show, Roz was one of the only relatable characters in the bunch. The producer of The Dr. Fraiser Crane Show was a balancing force between the Crane brother’s high-brow ways, Marty’s almost satirical blue-collared antics, and Daphne’s witchy personality.

Playing on Fraiser was one of the actress’ career-defining roles. But when she left, she stayed in the limelight and continued to take parts in other highly successful series.

Immediately after the finale, Gilpin took guest spots on shows like Danny Phantom, Medium, and Desperate Housewives. She also found recurring parts in King of the Hill, Make it or Break it, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. And just last year, she dropped two movies, Rushed and We Broke Up.

Outside of her career, Peri Gilpin is a family woman. The Screen Actor’s Guild winner is the mother of twin 18-year-old daughters, Ava and Stella. And, she’s happily married to her husband of 23 years, Christian Vincent, a professional artist.

Peri Gilpin Stays in Touch with All Her ‘Frasier’ Co-Stars

Aside from her picture-perfect family life, Gilpin keeps a tight group of friends, including a few of her old Frasier castmates. But she is particularly close with Daphne star Jane Leeves.

“I still see everyone from that show today. Jane Leeves lives two doors down from me. Her child is my goddaughter, and my kids are her goddaughters, and my kids are in kindergarten with her son, who I love. She’s a dear, dear friend,” she told Ability Magazine in 2010. “I just emailed David [Hyde-Pierce] yesterday, I think. John [Mahoney] and I talk all the time. Kelsey [Grammer] is a great friend. No one in my world has had the same job for 11 years, so what we had together is very rare. And once you’ve been through that together, you’re family.”

And working with the same people for over a decade gave Peri Gilpin something to be proud of to this day. As she told Assignment X in 2020, Frasier is “picking up new fans all the time. And “the old ones that love it are still watching it.”

“[It] is a show that I’m especially glad for people finding all the time because I’m really proud that I got to be part of it. I think that it’s a great show,” she said. “I grew up watching old shows, like Dick Van Dyke, so I always hoped that I’d be on something that would be around a long time.”