‘Frasier’: Why Eddie the Dog Wasn’t Well Liked Among the Cast

by Megan Molseed
(Photo By Getty Images)

Fans of Frasier, the popular Cheers classic television spinoff series, know well that Kelsey Grammer’s Frasier Crane character did not get along with his father’s Jack Russell Terrier pup, Eddie. Even from the series premiere, Grammer’s character makes this clear. “He’s weird,” the television psychiatrist says his father, John Mahoney’s Martin Crane, of Eddie in the Frasier series premiere. “All he does is stare at me!”

And it was a running gag in the sitcom series that it was only Frasier that Eddie did not seem to like, or stare at regularly. Eddie the dog seemed to get along with everyone else just fine. However, it seems Frasier’s experience with Eddie was the common experience among the show’s cast. The pup who plays Eddie wasn’t the easiest costar says some of the Frasier crew.

Frasier’s Eddie the Dog Wasn’t The Easiest Co-Star Reports The Show’s Cast

Since the popular spin-off series, Frasier premiered after the classic television Cheers went off the air, Eddie played an important role in the series. Eddie was the Jack Russell Terrier pup who was the constant companion to Frasier’s father, Martin Crane. However, as one cast member, Jane Leeves puts it, the dog who plays Eddie is one “complicated little fellow.”

Leeves, who portrays the hilarious physical therapist/housekeeper/psychic Daphne Moon in the popular series explains that in some scenes, the furry actor whose real name is Moose would go “completely nuts.”

And, the behind-the-scenes reports note that Moose was never very playful. He didn’t even get along with his own son, Enzo, the pup who replaced Moose in later seasons.

“Moose and Enzo hated each other,” says series co-creator Peter Casey.

“They couldn’t be on set together,” the showrunner remembers. “Apparently, it was one of those classic parent-child Hollywood rivalries.”

And, while John Mahoney’s character was super close to Moose’s Eddie, the duo were not so close off-camera. In fact, Mahoney once refused to shoot a scene with the dog on his lap saying, “No! The son of a b***h always bites me!”

Since there was little love lost between the furry actor and his costars, many of the Frasier stars didn’t approach Eddie much in between scenes. And that seemed to work just fine for everyone involved.

“I never thought of Eddie as a dog,” John Mahoney has said of the pup.I thought of him more as an actor.”

However, despite his prima donna behavior behind the scenes, Eddie always remained a favorite cast member for Frasier fans; even appearing on magazine covers during the show’s successful run on NBC. Kelsey Grammer even remembers Eddie getting more fan mail than the human stars of the series.

“I think he does,” Grammer says when asked about this. “I know it’s very popular for them to say he gets more than I do.”