‘Full House’: How This Uncle Jesse Scene Totally Altered the Sitcom’s Legacy

by Shelby Scott

When it comes to classic TV, Full House remains a favorite among fans to this day. For eight seasons, we watch the Tanner family grow bigger while simultaneously growing closer. Writers first introduced viewers to Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) and his three daughters, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle in 1987. With Danny a single dad, fans also met his best friends and the girls’ bonus dads, Uncles Jesse and Joey. The two male characters remain critical to the sitcom’s storylines up through the series finale. However, it’s Full House‘s season four episode “Fuller House” that ultimately altered the show’s lasting legacy.

Per MeTV, the episode “Fuller House” sees Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) moving out of the beloved Tanner home after marrying onscreen partner Becky Donaldson. Given the bond between Jesse and Michelle, fans watch the little girl navigate strong emotions about her uncle leaving.

Overall, it’s a powerful narrative about physical and emotional growth on both characters’ parts. And, as we later saw following the Fuller House premiere in 2016, the special episode laid the foundation for the new family that comes to occupy the Tanner residence.

Just as the episode “Fuller House” shows Jesse’s growth from “girl-chasing rocker” to dedicated husband and father, Fuller House the reboot highlights the Tanner girls’ own maturation.

‘Full House’ Star Candace Cameron Bure Was Once Bullied For Her Role

John Stamos’s Uncle Jesse remained Full House‘s heartthrob for eight full seasons. However, ultimately, the show revolved around the Tanner girls as they were raised in an atypical family. One fan-favorite Tanner girl was D.J., Danny’s oldest daughter played by actress Candace Cameron Bure.

Like all people, D.J. had some major flaws. Although, of all the characters, she had an especially complicated storyline as we met her just as she approached adolescence. During the show’s run, fans watched D.J. develop meaningful and varied relationships. Most were rooted in her family (but especially her sisters), in addition to friends, and, eventually, romantic partners. She served as a major contributor to the show’s development overall.

Interestingly, however, despite her crucial role in Full House, Cameron Bure revealed in 1989 that she had experienced bullying.

“Some kids would pull my hair and wrote bad stuff on my locker,” she shared with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Nevertheless, she demonstrated her character’s fictional maturity. She further stated at the time, “Because I’m in an adult world, I have a little older viewpoint of things than some of my friends.”

Several decades later, the Full House star again spoke out about bullying, though, compared to hair-pulling and locker-writings, social media has enabled people to become even harsher.

“[Y]es, I’m a celebrity,” Cameron Bure previously said, “but I’m a real person” with feelings.