‘Golden Girls’ Fans Debate the Absolute Best Joke of All Time From the Series

by Caitlin Berard

In the early ’80s, producer Susan Harris was approached to create a show depicting life for women in their ’40s. She immediately found the idea intriguing, so much so that she came out of semi-retirement to bring it to life.

Harris, however, had a slight tweak in mind – what if the show centered around women in their 60s instead? The idea of navigating uncharted territory in television made the series all the more interesting for the now celebrated visionary. And with that, The Golden Girls was born.

Upon reading the script, everyone involved knew they had a hit, including the women the crew hoped to cast. “We all kind of [knew it was going to be something special],” Betty White recalled in a 2010 interview with The Associated Press. “You get a lot of scripts mailed to you and not too many of them are good. But when [The Golden Girls] came along, it just hit the spot and they sent it to each of us.”

After a few character swaps, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, and Bea Arthur set to work, and before long, they had successfully created four of the most iconic characters in television history.

‘The Golden Girls’ Fans Name The Series’ Best Joke

Despite the series finale airing 30 years ago, The Golden Girls remains an immensely popular show to this day. In addition to its endearing characters and relatable storylines, the classic TV series features truly timeless jokes.

Each character has her own unique brand of humor. Dorothy’s jokes come in the form of sarcastic remarks. Meanwhile, Sophia has a never-ending arsenal of biting remarks about her housemates. Then there’s Rose, whose earnest naivety makes for some hilarious moments. And, of course, Blanche, who can never quite get enough of herself and whose childhood stories from “the bayou” never fail to draw a laugh.

For Golden Girls fans, choosing just one of the countless jokes cracked throughout the series’ 7-season run is a nigh impossible task. But when they have to choose, there’s one in particular that always comes to mind.

In a recent Reddit thread, Golden Girls fans discussed the all-time best jokes from the show and one from the Season 2 episode “Diamond in the Rough” was the clear winner. “[It’s] when Sophia goes into the kitchen to get a glass of water,” one fan wrote before describing the scene.

Dorothy: “Ma. Shouldn’t you be finishing those invitations?”

Sophia: “I’m just here for a glass of water. The stamp-licking dries me out.”

Rose: “Why don’t you use a sponge?”

Sophia: “I feel more comfortable drinking out of a glass.”

Though every episode of Golden Girls is a winner, “Diamond in the Rough” is exceptionally funny. “I can be in the worst mood ever and just Sophia’s delivery of that last line cracks me up every time,” the fan added. “I cracked up just reading that, I could hear her saying it in my mind,” another agreed.