‘Golden Girls’ Fans Thought This Wardrobe Selection Was Awful

by Caitlin Berard

The ’80s sitcom The Golden Girls is iconic for many reasons. There’s the unusual yet endearing cast of characters (four single women sharing a home in their golden years), the classic comedy, the topical yet timeless themes – the list goes on. One of the aspects for which the classic TV series is most renowned, however, is its fashion.

Does every fashion choice the characters make carry a pronounced ’80s flair? Of course. Who could forget the head-to-toe spandex from the aerobics episode? But when they weren’t being tricked into buying an outrageous assortment of skintight athletic wear, the Girls were some of the best-dressed characters in TV history.

Every member of the family had their own signature style components. There was Rose with her whimsical sweaters and colorful floral dresses and Sophia with her wicker purse and endless collection of knitwear.

Then there was Blanche, who had her stunning silk dressing gowns and bejeweled evening wear (Rue McClanahan loved Blanche’s style so much that she was contractually allowed to keep all of her character’s custom-made clothes – a collection that allegedly filled 13 closets!). And last but not least, Dorothy could almost always be found in a high-neck shirt, jacket, or ankle-length dress.

The fashion from The Golden Girls remains highly revered to this day. However, the iconic costume designers made one questionable choice that continues to baffle fans 30 years after its debut.

‘The Golden Girls’ Fans Hate Dorothy’s Wedding Dress

Throughout the Golden Girls‘ seven-season run, Dorothy Zbornak was the eternally single one of the group. Poor Dorothy got even fewer dates than her 80-year-old mother, Sophia! Because of this, she constantly fell back into the untrustworthy arms of her ex-husband, Stan.

So when the Golden Girls creators knew the show was coming to an end, they decided to finally give Dorothy her happy ending. For years, writers teased that a proposal would signal the end of the iconic quartet. And in the series’ surprising final episodes, that proposal was given to Dorothy.

Fans were overjoyed that the romantic proposal came, not from Stan, but from Blanche’s Uncle Lucas, played by the dashing Leslie Neilsen. In canon, the series ended because Dorothy moved away from the Girls’ Miami home to live with Lucas in Georgia.

The wedding was a bittersweet moment for both the cast and fans of The Golden Girls but a beautiful end to the story. What fans weren’t impressed with was Dorothy’s wedding dress. Dorothy donned a high-necked dress befitting her character’s style. The problem was with the v-shaped detailing, which bears an unmistakable resemblance to toilet paper rolls.

In a recent Reddit thread, Golden Girls fans shared their distaste for the memorable gown. “It’s one of the ugliest items of clothing worn on television,” one horrified fan wrote. “It was hideous and I can make no excuses for it. They did Bea [Arthur] dirty with that weird v-neck…thing,” another said.