‘Golden Girls’ Futuristic Revival Could Bring Back a Strange TV Trend

by Taylor Cunningham

There is a quirky animated Golden Girls reboot on the horizon. And it may look oddly familiar to people who grew up in the classic TV era.

The original series aired from 1985 to 1992 and won 11 Primetime Emmys during its reign. Once NBC canceled it, fans cried for more. So a spinoff called The Golden Palace was born.

Fast forward another 30 years, and people are still asking for more Golden Girls. But because the last remaining original cast member, Betty White, passed last year, there is no way for fans to get their fix. Or is there?

‘Bojack Horseman’ Director to Bring the ‘Golden Girls’ Back to Television

Within the past few weeks, news broke that Mike Hollingsworth, who is famous for his work on Bojack Horseman and Inside Job, realized a way to get Rose, Blanche, Sophia, and Dorothy back on the screen—laugh track and all.

In an animated series titled Golden Girls 3033, the ladies are still alive and well over 1,000 years in the future thanks to someone finding the fountain of youth. And instead of finding actors who sound similar to the leading ladies, Hollingsworth cuts voice clips from the live-action series to mesh into the episodes.

“It’s ultimately a celebration of the material,” Hollingsworth told Indie Wire. “With this concept, you’re getting the original performances. These are the words that Susan Harris wrote, and these are the performances that she oversaw as a director.”

The Ladies Are Living Life Ala ‘Partridge Family 2200 A.D.’

Judging by a recent teaser, the plot seems to draw inspiration from the OG show, The Jetsons, and Futurama. While the ladies are still chatting about love over cheesecake, they’re doing so as they’re surrounded by high-tech gadgets and aliens.

The obvious comparisons immediately connect with most fans. But those who grew up in the 70s may recognize a groovy trend resurfacing that had its original heyday during the Saturday morning cartoon lineup. Golden Girls 3033 seems to be eerily similar to Partridge Family 2200 A.D.

As the title suggests, Partridge Family 2200 A.D. showed the serenading siblings also living among robots and aliens. And it gave other series the idea to animate their characters and give them a massive time jump.

The Brady Bunch kids, Fonzie, and Gilligan were all among the characters who somehow found themselves stuck in a fast-forwarded or out-of-this-world universe. And Hollingsworth has had the genius idea to reimage that retro trend and add some dark humor to it.

There is no word on when the show will hit TV. But Hollingsworth has a few studios and networks interesting in the project. And his “dream” is to run it on Disney+ or Hulu.

“The show that I’m pitching could just be the beginning of the whole Golden Girls-a-verse,” he added. “Like the Marvel Universe, but with The Golden Girls.”