‘Green Acres’: Why Eva Gabor Vowed To Never Wear Jewelry Again Before the Show

by Megan Molseed

Shortly before the premiere of the classic TV sitcom series, Green Acres, one of the show’s stars (and well-known socialite) Eva Gabor faced a terrifying incident. An incident that prompted the famed starlet to make a major vow…swearing off all jewelry. Well, until she was able to begin “thinking more clearly” that is.

Eva Gabor Swears Off Jewelry After Terrifying Robbery

Not long before Eva Gabor took on her iconic role as Lisa Douglas in the hilariously unforgettable series, Green Acres, she had made a vow to no longer adorn herself in jewels. The actress came to this major decision after going toe-to-toe with a robber who was after some of Gabor’s finest items.

According to the story, Eva Gabor and her husband were on their way home to their posh New York City apartment when they were attacked by two robbers. These criminals wanted one thing – Gabor’s jewelry.

“We both thought it was a joke at first,” Eva Gabor says of the incident in a 1964 interview with Star-Tribune. However, Gabor recalls in the interview, that her husband was the first to realize these bandits were not joking at all.

As she began to register what was happening, the glamourous star saw the blood drain from her husband’s face. It was at that moment when Gabor knew she had to try to defend herself. It was a tussle that lead to some pretty intense injuries for Gabor such as a concussion, which came from “a knot on my head, darling,” the actress relates in the 1964 discussion. The knot, Gabor adds was “as big as an egg.”

The Green Acres Star Considers Her Options For Preventing Future Attacks

After the robbery, Gabor remembers how she was “a little hysterical, but not frightened,” during the incident. However, the star did begin to consider what it was that she could do in order to prevent any future attacks. After all, these robbers got away with at least $35,000 worth of jewelry…including her 15-carat diamond engagement ring and some valuable earrings.

“I’ll never wear jewelry again, darling,” Gabor announced during a discussion with United Press International. Gabor’s husband jumped on this vow, noting that the starlet’s decision would save him a lot of money. However, Gabor was quick to respond with a quippish “when my concussion gets better, and I am thinking more clearly, maybe I will change my mind.”

Gabor Makes A Full Recovery, Donning Some Impressive Jewelry On Green Acres

Eva Gabor’s prediction that she may be changing her mind regarding her resolution was spot-on. It wasn’t too long after Gabor made this declaration that the actress took on her most iconic TV role in Green Acres…while donning some impressive pearls and other glitzy jewels. Clearly proving that Gabor had moved past the trauma of the robbery.