‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Calls His Current Projects His Greatest Joy

by Joe Rutland

For his entire body of work, Happy Days star Henry Winkler has brought a lot of joy to millions of people who watch TV. These days, though, Winkler has long left his leather-jacket-wearing days in the past. Yes, he remembers those times and is quite grateful for all of them. Yet when looking back on what brings him his greatest joy, well, Winkler looks at what he’s doing right now. Even Winkler, who is an old hand in the world of television, is definitely liking his time on Barry.

“I would have to say the work I am doing now,” Winkler tells ABC News in an interview. “This season of Barry, Barry is a gift in the whole thing. The people that I work with, the words I get to say.” Winkler plays acting teacher Gene Cousineau on the HBO series. His work brought him the first Emmy Award of his illustrious career. No, he didn’t win one playing Fonzie. He’s working with former Saturday Night Live cast member Bill Hader on Barry.

Henry Winkler of ‘Happy Days’ Is Currently Working On a Memoir

Yet his career hasn’t always been spent in front of the camera. Children’s book fans and readers also know the Winkler name from his works as an author. He is writing another book, but it’s for an older audience. Winkler is in the midst of penning his memoir and, boy, will there be stories in there. Imagine him talking about those Happy Days with the likes of Ron Howard, Marion Ross, Tom Bosley, and others along the way. Show creator Garry Marshall had a really important role in the actor’s career by guiding him through some of his early years.

In fact, Winkler would recall a time when Marshall had to set him straight. Marshall taught the then-young Winkler a lesson in respect. See, Henry was in a hurry to get off the show’s set because he had an appearance to make. It was not in Hollywood or Los Angeles but out of town in Little Rock, Ark. Winkler asked Marshall to hurry up as the producer was introducing the guest cast. Well, Marshall wasn’t having any of that stuff take place.

Winkler would remember that moment. Marshall put his young actor against the wall. He called him out as far as interrupting those guest-cast introductions. But he learned a lesson about respecting other actors. Obviously, Happy Days was not all about Henry even though The Fonz was a main character in the show’s later seasons. Yes, Winkler was quite happy that Marshall took him under his wing as he could learn a lot more. Maybe in his own journey, Winkler’s passed along those lessons that he’s learned to other actors.