‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Describes What He Wants His Legacy to Be

by Joe Rutland

Henry Winkler of Happy Days has been around the world of movies and television for a long, long time and he’s got quite a story. Sure, toss in some books as an author, and Winkler has done amazingly well. At some point in life, everyone might be asked about their legacy. Winkler is no different in this and he’s actually asked what he wants it to be.

“That I have grown into a person who has left whatever the gift is behind,” Winkler tells ABC News in an interview. “There was a time when I was OK at being a professional. And maybe, like a muffin, and you put a toothpick in it, and it’s still mushy in the center? I was mushy for a long time.”

The career of Winkler has definitely not been mushy in recent years. He’s managed to snag an Emmy Award for his work in the HBO series Barry. Of course, some classic TV fans might ask if he ever got one for playing The Fonz? Nope. Winkler’s fabled Arthur Fonzarelli did not take home a statue from the TV world during his days riding a motorcycle.

Henry Winkler of ‘Happy Days’ Still Stays In Touch With Marion Ross

One of his other roles happened to be in the 1978 film The One and Only, directed by Carl Reiner. According to the IMDb synopsis, the film is about “an outrageously self-confident but out-of-work actor, a young man who dreams of stardom and leaves college to pursue fame and fortune.”

While all of this is interesting, we imagine that you’d like a little Happy Days news, too. Let’s bring in actress Marion Ross, who played Marion Cunningham (or “Mrs. C.” if you will) on the show. She talked about her relationship with Winkler in recent years. “We go to lunch and have a good time,” Ross told Smashing Interviews back in 2018. “In fact, Ron [Howard] and his daughter Bryce [Dallas Howard] are having a party in a few weeks. I’m very fortunate that we have remained very tight friends.” The Fonzie actor also considers his Happy Days castmates as family. Back in 2015, he elaborated on this in an interview with People. “It’s a family feeling,” Winkler said. “Ron, Anson, Don…We talk to each other during the year. I talk to [producer] Garry Marshall and [co-star] Marion Ross. I actually just saw Garry at his 80th birthday. We are family, no doubt.” Since that time, sadly, Marshall has died.

Winkler is a pretty busy actor and stays that way. Still, everyone needs a little break here and there. If you go to Idaho during the warm months, then you can find him there fishing for trout. Recently, he showed off a stunning rainbow trout from a recent excursion.