‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Shares Gorgeous Photo From First River Day of 2022

by Alex Falls

When Henry Winkler isn’t entertaining us with the many characters he portrays on TV, he spends most of his time connecting with nature. On June 13, the former Happy Days star shared a gorgeous photo of his point of view during his first day on the river in 2022.

The star of Barry uses his Twitter often to document his outdoor adventures. On the same lovely day at the river, Winkler shared his first catch of the year as well.

“You deserve it after your incredible performance in Barry!!” one user posted in response to Winkler’s tweet. Another user commented on Winkler’s performance in a recent episode of Barry, writing, “You deserve it after that performance last night. Congratulations on another great season.”

The Crazy Journey of Henry Winkler

Winkler might be best remembered for his role as Fonzie on Happy Days, but he’s no stranger to taking on exciting new roles. He can currently be seen in Barry alongside Bill Hader. His performance as acting coach Gene Cousineau has received great praise from viewers and critics.

Recently, his role in Barry came full circle when the production returned to the same stage where he filmed his break-out role as Fonzie.

“So, in the last scene of Season 2, we’re on Stage 19 at Paramount Studios,” said Winkler in an interview with Fox News. “It is the most western part of the studio. It is at the end of Gower Street,” “That used to be Desilu, the very stage where Lucy [of “I Love Lucy”] developed the three-camera technique, Stage 19. It’s where we did “Happy Days” for 10 years. And now they have built my bedroom in a corner. It is where I wake up and have the realization, “Oh my God, Barry Bergman did it.”

A Career Like No Other

Winkler is used to reinventing himself. After his iconic performance in Happy Days made him a household name, he decided to distance himself from the role. Since then, he’s stayed busy as one of the hardest-working men in the business.

His career has spanned acting roles in film, television, and stage. He’s sung on Broadway, acted as a motivational speaker, and even holds a similarity to his role in Barry by teaching his acting class, The Winkler Method. He’s also an accomplished author of non-fiction and children’s books.

In an interview with ABC News, Winkler said he’s in his prime right now at the age of 76. He also called Barry the current highlight of his career. After so many years in the business, Winkler revealed what he believes is the essence of acting.

“Every character is already in you,” Winkler said. “Then it is your imagination that takes what the author says, what people say about you, what the director says, like a dough, and then all of a sudden you have a pizza of a character.”