‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Lands His First Brown Trout of the Year

by Shelby Scott

We’re heading into peak fishing season this month in many areas across the U.S. And as the weather gets warmer, Happy Days icon Henry Winkler shared with fans his first brown trout of the year. Check out the photo below.

Taking to the water with a wide smile beneath a beautiful bright sky, the Happy Days actor captioned the post, “First brown of 2022 HAPPY.”

The photo shows Winkler clad in warm weather clothes, with a warm coat and fleece green hat capping the look.

Boasting more than ten thousand likes, several fans were happy to see the Happy Days star’s latest catch. One fan even posted an animated drawing of the actor, writing, “So happy you are posting fishing pics again, sir!”

Others suggested a variety of species for the Happy Days icon’s next outing.

“How about some herring or smoked salmon next?” another fan asked.

Other fans of the longtime actor just seemed to enjoy the image of the Happy Days star out on the water. One wrote, “I think I follow [Henry Winkler] just to see the pure joy on his face on days like these.”

Overall, followers concluded Winkler’s smile is completely infectious, with his post encouraging others to pull out their fishing rods and take to the water themselves.

Henry Winkler’s Son Helped the ‘Happy Days’ Star Land His Latest Role

Given his popularity as Fonzie in the classic TV show Happy Days, many of the actor’s fans have a hard time imagining him in any other roles. However, at 76 years old, Henry Winkler has an impressive career boasting more than 150 acting credits. However, currently, Winkler’s most recent role is in the crime thriller Barry, and what made the part even more special is his son, Max Winkler, helped him attain the role.

“[Max] literally directed my audition,” Winkler said in speaking to ABC News about his role on Barry. “I brought home the script…said, ‘Will you look at it?’ I sat at my desk, he looked at it, [and] stood over my shoulder, and literally yelled at me! I improvised, he said, ‘Respect the writer.'”

Happy Days star Henry Winkler has found his footing in acting. Meanwhile, his son Max (38) has 16 years of experience in directing. As such, the younger man was crucial in helping the Fonzie icon attain his new role.

Winkler further shared of his son’s assistance, “[Max] said, ‘You know, there’s an exclamation point. You can get a little more angry.’ So when I went in, I had a handle on the material.”

Certainly, Max Winkler’s advice proved extremely helpful. In addition to fishing-related conversations, plenty of Barry fans complimented the star’s acting on the show. One fan wrote, “Congratulations on that beauty,” referring to Winkler’s brown trout, “and on that epic performance in the season finale of Barry. Wow.”