‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Rings in July With Some Gorgeous Trout

by Chris Piner

On Monday, Americans all over the country celebrated July 4th with cookouts, fireworks, and parades. While a common theme for Independence day, actor Henry Winkler decided to get away from the hustle of Hollywood and society as he enjoyed the serenity of fishing. Although most fishermen can recall the moments of failed trips and no fish, the man behind classic shows like Happy Days and Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli appeared to be enjoying his trip. Winkler shared multiple pictures of his vacation, displaying an assortment of trout. 

Showcasing his prizes on Twitter, Winkler shared an image of a trout while sporting a genuine smile. Having numerous ways to catch a fish, the 76-year-old decided to focus on fly fishing. While the origins of fly fishing are unknown, it was first written about in The Boke of Saint Albans in 1486. Appreciating the history behind the skills needed to perfect fly fishing, the image below proved that Winkler is no novice when it comes to the difficult task. 

Henry Winkler Shares His Fly Fishing Talent

Again, this wasn’t the only catch of the day for Winkler as he posted another image a little less than two hours later. Hoping to match the look of the fish, Winkler posed with his mouth open, proud about what his day on the lake produced. While it is unclear if the actor and writer caught anything else, it was apparent that no matter what – he was just happy to be out in nature. 

Born in 1945, his parents, Ilse Maria and Harry Winkler, were both German Jewish immigrants that barely escaped the Holocaust when they moved to the United States in 1939. Throughout his younger years, Winkler suffered from low self-esteem. But that changed when he performed in a school play in the eighth grade. 

The Career Of Winkler Was Not An Overnight Success

From there, Henry Winkler would struggle with the hurdles that come with being an actor. That was until 1974 when he landed a role in The Lords of Flatbush. Being a member of the Brooklyn gang, Winkler transitioned into television when he landed the role of Fonzie in Happy Days. Although Winkler had a small role to begin with, due to the public falling in love with Fonzie, the producers ultimately decided to give him a much larger part in the series. 

Having a career in Hollywood spanning over 45 years, Winkler has lent his talent to over 150 projects. He is most notable for his roles in Waterboy, Arrested Development, and Happy Days. But what some might not know, he also was in animated shows and films. They included Monsters at Work, DuckTales, and Puppy Dog Pals. Recently, Winkler acted alongside Bill Hader in the HBO series Barry. He has also found success on TikTok, but apparently, he didn’t know much about the social media platform until his granddaughter persuaded him to take part in a video.