‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Talks Joining TikTok and Modeling The Fonz Jackets

by Suzanne Halliburton

It’s come to this. Henry Winkler, who was the ultra-cool Fonz on Happy Days a half-century ago, now is the trendy Granddad on TikTok.

\Yes, Winkler does all the TikTok stuff. He dances with his grandkids. And he makes up silly songs to serenade his youngest granddaughter. What’s not to love as this Happy Days star literally makes people happy with his antics on social media. It’s why he stays a timeless star of classic TV.

Winkler talked about why he created an account on TikTok during a recent interview on Fox News. These days, he’s co-starring as Gene Cousineau on Barry, the HBO comedy series about a hit man. The series finishes season three this weekend.

“During the holidays, we get together as a family. We are now the Winkler Weitzman clan, which is 14 strong, the Happy Days star told Fox. “So we’re all together. Eating, opening presents. My granddaughter Indya said, ‘Papa, you have to make a TikTok.’ She then curates the music. She then sets up the camera. And now two years in a row, we have made TikToks together.

“The last one includes her sister Lulu and my oldest grandson Ace. And then I’ve made two TikToks with our newest granddaughter, who’s seven months old, Francis Jone. When she was just born, I wrote a song for her and sang it to her, ‘The Apple Song.’ And one of our TikToks is ‘The Apple Song.'”

Promise, you definitely want to see the Fonz dance with his grandkids. More than 12 million people have checked out the video.



♬ Out the Frame – Marv Allen

Winkler Says He May Start Modeling Happy Days Leather Jacket

TikTok isn’t all about singing and dancing. Maybe Winkler should model his iconic Happy Days fashion item. That’s his leather jacket. The Fox reporter asked Winkler if he’d ever thought about showing off the jackets.

“Oh, you know what? That’s a very good question,” Winkler said. “No, I’ve never even thought of that!”

Last fall, Winkler announced that he was auctioning off some of his Happy Days memorabilia. That included a leather jacket. There were six. Winkler had two. Show creator Garry Marshall had two and the Smithsonian has one. And the sixth is missing. Someone stole it from the costume department years ago.

There were six custom-made Fonzie jackets from Happy Days. (Photo by Fotos International/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Now, let’s kick it back to more Winkler TikToks. He’s posted two songs about fruit — apples and strawberries — as he sings to baby Francis.

In the video, Winkler introduces himself as Henry, then he sings “strawberry, strawberry you are red. You have little seeds and green on your head.” Then in the song’s sweetest moment, he gives baby Frances a kiss on the head.


♬ original sound – Henry

Millions of people have watched Winkler’s videos. The only one, so far, that hasn’t cracked 1 million is his strawberry song. But that’s because it’s new. All these clicks are basically a testament to Fonzie’s coolness. The 76-year-old certainly transcends generations. Happy Days always is in style.