‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler To Work With Son Max for the First Time on HBO Series ‘King Rex’

by Samantha Whidden

It’s a father-son project! “Happy Days” star and Classic TV icon Henry Winkler is reportedly teaming up with his son Max for the first time on the upcoming HBO series “King Rex.”

According to Deadline, Henry Winkler will be starring in “King Rex” while Max will be directing the pilot of the limited series. The media outlet noted this is the first time Henry is teaming up with his son on a filming project. Both of the Winklers will be executive producing the show. They will be joined by Malcolm Spellman and Nichelle Tramble Spellman as executive producers. 

“King Rex” is based on the November 1980 Texas Monthly article, “Rex Cable and the Cowboy Mafia” by Lawrence Wright. The series will explore a “buried treasure” of a True Crime mystery. About how a North Texas “kingdom” was smashed to piece b a judge’s gavel, the IRS, and the FBI. 

In “King Rex,” Henry Winkler will portray the gangster, Cauble. Sources close to the production tell the media outlet that the character is “straight out” of the gangster pic “Casino. It is also notably unlike anything that Winkler has ever played. 

Henry Winkler has been working on the set of HBO’s hit comedy crime drama series “Barry” since 2018. He portrays Gene Cousineau on the show. Meanwhile, Max Winkler has directed various TV series. Including “American Horror Story,” “Cruel Summer,” ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” and “Lady Dynamite.”

Henry Winkler Recently Opens Up About His ‘Barry’ Character

During a recent interview with Smashing Interview, Henry Winkler shares more details about his “Barry” character, Gene Cousineau. “I am an acting teacher. I’m a terrible father. I love my grandson. But I don’t know he really exists until later. I don’t care about my students nor their talent. I only care about cash. And paying on time. I meet Barry who is lost. Little do I know he’s an assassin. But there’s something about him, I feel, that gives my life purpose. So I take him on as a student.

While describing the hit series, Henry Winkler said, “I think it is very dark and funny not just darkly. It is very dark. But both Alec [Berg] and Bill [Hader] do not ever want to repeat themselves. So every time you think you know what’s happening, you’re kind of going in the opposite direction.”

In regards to scoring his first Prime-time Emmy win for Best Supporting Actor for “Barry,” Henry Winkler then added he didn’t feel like it was about time. “No. I didn’t think that. I’m just grateful that I’m doing this, and I’m doing it in such a major way. I never thought, ‘Oh, it’s about time.’ But I did hear the announcer say when my name was called, ‘This is Henry’s 1,000th nomination and his first win!’”