‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Catching Heat Online Over New Fishing Pic

by Chris Piner

With a prosperous career reaching back to 1972, actor Henry Winkler has garnered numerous awards and even a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Throughout his time in Hollywood, the actor starred in Happy Days, The Waterboy, and Arrested Development. He even won a Primetime Emmy award for his role in the hit HBO series Barry. But while Winkler is loved by fans and actors alike, he recently found himself at the center of controversy for sharing pictures of his fishing trip. 

Just two days after Americans celebrated July 4th, Henry Winkler shared pictures of himself on a lake. In the photos, not only is the actor showcasing his infectious smile, but he holds up a beautiful trout. Barely able to contain his excitement, Winkler wrote, “The end of a perfect day.”

Given his smile, the size of the fish, and the gorgeous sky in the background, he wasn’t wrong. Still, that didn’t stop some animal lovers from having issues with the actor. 

Happy Days’ Actor Calms Backlash: “He Is Back With His Family”

Following the post, unhappy users commented on Henry Winkler with the following messages:”Beautiful fish! But can you just cradle them in the water for pics instead of lifting them up? Less likely to harm them that way. ‘Keep ’em wet’ is a good rule.”

“As a fly fisherman I gotta admit I prefer barbless hooks… & never caught a fish who didn’t seem absolutely miserable w the whole experience.” 

“Those fish have families and want to live. Hooks in their mouths cause excruciating pain. Animals are not our food, clothing, entertainment, transportation, test subjects or workers.”

“Trophy hunting is wrong. ‘fish held out of the water for around 30 seconds has 62% chances of survival, and fish held out of the water for about 60 seconds only has 18% chances.’ Catch and release is cruel. They feel pain just like us. I can no longer do it!”

Not all fans of Henry Winkler were upset about the post as one person wrote, “live your life like you are Henry Winkler on a boat, grasping life in its hands.” Another fan added, “that is a very beautiful fish. A Rainbow to brighten your day.” 

Trying to calm the backlash, Winkler was sure to follow up with another tweet, reading, “He is back with his family.” 

Henry Winkler Gives Support To Co-Star Anson Williams

The day before sharing his fishing excursion with Twitter, Henry Winkler gave his support for Anson Williams, who is running for mayor of Ojai, California. Co-starring together on Happy Days, Williams announced that he was running for mayor at the city council meeting at the end of June.

He will be competing against the current Mayor, Betsey Stix, who is hoping to be re-elected. But no matter the outcome, Henry Wrinkler wrote, “You have my vote.”