‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Hands Out Cash, Does Magic Tricks on the ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’: WATCH

by Sean Griffin

Happy Days star Henry Winkler recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show. And like always, Winkler stole the show with his zany antics.

In an Instagram clip shared to The Kelly Clarkson Show’s page, Winkler is seen giving money to show guests and performing a magic trick for co-hosts.

Fans quickly responded to the clip on Instagram.

“He is one of a kind,” one fan wrote. “Such a joy to be around in every way!”

“Magic is your thing Henry,” wrote another. “Such a class act, and someone who would be anyone’s friend!” another fan said.

“Henry Winkler is always entertaining,” one said. A final fan wrote, “The Fonz is always cool.”

Recently, Bill Hader appeared on the Rich Eisen Show and talked about what it was like working with the legendary Happy Days star.

Hader said of the star, “He really is so nice. He brings food to the set, even though we have that…I’m like ‘Henry we have a whole craft service truck’ and he goes ‘I know, but Stacy, my wife, she made this cake and I just…the crew has to have just a little piece of it,’ you know.”

Henry Winkler Shows ‘Barry’ Cast ‘Happy Days’ Set

Eisen then asked Hader to reveal if Henry Winkler had told him any good stories. Hader recalled one concerning Happy Days.

“Well, I will say for Happy Days, the thing that was wild was we were shooting the ending of season two where he sits up in bed and realizes, you know, Barry [from the show Barry] had killed Janice Moss’ girlfriend. And we’re shooting that scene which is the last shot of the whole season, and we’re trying to make it work, and that was when he chose the moment because we were on Stage 19 at Paramount and he said ‘you know this is where we did Happy Days.’ And the whole place just went dead silent. And I said ‘say that again?’ and he said ‘this is where we did Happy Days.’ And immediately what do you think the first thing everybody said was?”

Eisen guessed, and Hader continued. “‘Where was it exactly?’ He goes ‘oh, I’ll show you,’ and we took a 45 minute break where everybody just walked around and he walked us and just painted the picture of what the Happy Days set was. And he goes ‘I would stand here and then I would move and then there’s the audience and everything’ and we just were like… ‘wow,’ because to me he was television. It was like Mickey Mouse and the Fonz.”

Clearly, Henry Winkler is just as lively as his iconic character. And it’s clear he’s as sweet as they come in Hollywood. Recently, he talked about his one fear while playing the Fonz.

You can watch the entire interview clip below.