‘Happy Days’: Ron Howard’s Daughter Calls Being on Set With Dad Her ‘Favorite Thing to Do’

by Samantha Whidden

While recalling her upbringing, Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard spoke about what it was like to be on set with her father as a kid.

While speaking to Bustle, the “Jurassic World: Dominion” star revealed that being on set with Ron Howard was her favorite thing to do in the world. “ I had so much fun on ‘Apollo 13.’ I was Colin Hanks’ little buddy because he was 16 years old and a PA on set. But my parents were really smart. If I was ever rude to my mum, I would get grounded from set. If you have an attitude problem, then you’re not mature enough to be in a professional environment. They dangled that relatively early with me.”

Ron Howard’s daughter also recalled not being able to go to the set of her father’s film “Far and Away” after getting into trouble with her mother. “ I remember crying because my mum grounded me from set one day. I was like, ‘You’re ruining my life.’ Even then, I had the sense that it [going to set] was really important.”

Ron Howard’s Daughter Talks About Her Teenager Years

As she spoke to the media outlet, Howard revealed what she was as a teenager. “I was very strict with myself about rules,” Bryce explained. She also noted that to this day she still has never had a sip of alcohol. She noted she made that decision when she was 14. At that age, she encountered a situation where her friends were drinking. “I was like, ‘No, I’m a tee-totaller.’”

Howard then said that she even decided that she wasn’t going to date until she was 18 years old. “The day I turned 18, I turned to my best guy friend, who I know had a crush on me, and was like, ‘Let’s do this.’ He was my first boyfriend and is still a dear friend to this day. [Laughs] He actually ended up being one of my husband’s groomsmen at our wedding.”

The actress goes on to note that she didn’t want to get derailed as a teenager. “I felt like drinking, drugs, and romantic relationships were something that was going to distract me from what was most important: school, my close friendships, and my family.  Because of that, I didn’t do anything wrong. Well, except that I had a really rude attitude toward my mother.”

Bryce then recalled when she attended Vassar College’s Summer Institute For The Gifted program. “My parents were sort of blown away because they had incredibly low expectations for me as a person. It was an interesting moment for me because I felt how it was to be a little underestimated and then to actually show up.”