‘Happy Days’ Ron Howard Reveals Costar Anson Williams Helped Get His ‘Ambitious’ Directing Career Going

by Megan Molseed

Recently, Ron Howard, the award-winning director behind hits like A Beautiful Mind, Willow, and Backdraft responded to a question regarding his career and the direction it has gone since the early days. And, in doing so, the director and actor also threw some big props to his former Happy Days costar, Anson Williams.

From 1974 until 1984, Ron Howard starred as Richie Cunningham in the popular classic TV sitcom series, Happy Days. Starring alongside the former Andy Griffith Show child star are longtime actors Henry Winkler, Tom Bosely, Marion Ross, Don Most, and Anson Williams, among others. And, over the decade-long stretch the series aired on primetime TV, the entire cast became very close. Ultimately encouraging each other as their careers continued on past the series.

However, there is one costar that Ron Howard credits the most for helping him realize his dream of stepping behind the camera as a director. It was a sweet moment of tribute as Howard considers the direction of his films over the years.

Ron Howard Thinks Back To His Early Days Behind The Film Cameras

In a recent tweet, Ron Howard is asked if he sees his early days as a movie director showing up in any of his newer works. Or if he evolved as a director over the years, picking up different techniques and/or styles along the way. Howard’s initial response notes that he does see a lot of his early self in all of his films. However, the early films include the point of view of a “younger guy.”

Later, Howard re-tweeted the exchange, this time giving credit to his Happy Days costar for encouraging his dreams to step into the role of director.

“[I]t took a few years before I could begin getting more ambitious projects greenlit,” Ron Howard says in the early morning retweet. He then notes that the 1980 NBC production Skyward starring Bette Davis was one of his first. This project, Ron Howard notes is the “brainchild” of his former Happy Days costar Anson Williams. Williams, Howard adds, also served as executive producer of the project.

“Anson remains a close friend,” the Cinderella Man director adds. who is now running for mayor of #Ojai#AnsonforMayor.”

Henry Winkler Endorses Anson Williams For Mayor

Ron Howard isn’t the only Happy Days alum to voice his support for Anson Williams as he vies for the mayoral seat in Ojai California. Henry Winkler has also tossed in his endorsement of Williams’s recent political run.

“Anson Williams for Mayor of Ojai,” Henry Winkler writes in a recent Twitter post.

The Twitter post includes a link to Anson Williams’ campaign home page. Henry Winkler finishes his message with a very supportive endorsement, noting that “yes, he is the perfect candidate.”