‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard Shares Throwback Picture Visiting Austrian Castle With Dad Ahead of Father’s Day

by Craig Garrett

Ron Howard shared a sentimental picture of him and his father, actor Rance Howard, as Father’s Day approaches. Before going on to be one of the biggest directors around, Howard made his name playing adolescent sons on sitcoms in the 60s and 70s. Generations have been introduced to Howard on the small screen as Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show and Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. However, he recently took to Twitter to pay homage to his real-life father.

The grainy black and white image features a pint-size Ron Howard knee-high to his father. The pair set out on a dirt road, with an impressive castle in the distance. “As #Fathersday nears here’s an early memory I have,” Howard writes. “Dad & I were both acting in a movie in #Vienna & visited this castle. Mom took the pic of us.” He goes on to mention a recent memoir he wrote with his brother, character actor Clint Howard. “I wrote about it in the #Bestseller Clint & I wrote about our childhood years in showbiz.” The film a young Ron Howard acted alongside his father in was 1959’s The Journey.

Ron Howard collaborated with his father all through his career

Undoubtedly, Ron Howard is one of the most successful former child actors around. After decades as an actor, he made the jump to directing with 1977’s Grand Theft Auto, a film he also co-wrote with his father, Rance. In 2002 Howard won an Academy Award for directing A Beautiful Mind and has an impressive 43 directing credits to date. A journeyman character actor, Ron’s father worked up until he passed in 2017. Howard frequently cast his father in his own films, such as Cinderella Man, Apollo 13 and The Missing.

Of course, Ron Howard had followed in his father’s footsteps in another way. He has helped guide the career of his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard. Ron’s ultra-successful daughter cut her teeth with a small role in 1989’s Parenthood, a film he directed. Eventually, Bryce Dallas made her own way as an actor, to include a lead role in the recent Jurassic World trilogy. Of course, she has now established herself as a director as well, having directed episodes of the hugely popular The Mandalorian.

Ron Howard’s next directorial effort, Thirteen Lives, is due out this August.