‘Happy Days’ Star Anson Williams Reveals Why He Wants to Run for Mayor in California

by Tia Bailey

Anson Williams recently announced his run for Mayor of Ojai. Williams, who played Potsie in “Happy Days,” shared this information on June 28, and the new-to-politics actor/director revealed why he decided to run.

Williams, a Unitarian Democrat, announced his run at an Ojai City Council meeting. The actor recently spoke to Fox News about why he is running. He said, “For starters, I love Ojai. It’s such a special place in this country — from its nature, to its artistry, to the community. Anyone who comes to visit this town leaves a little better. I’m running because things have changed with the current council government that’s hurting the community. We need to take action on things that aren’t happening right now because of this one-sided kind of group.”

He also said that he would like to focus on schools, saying that school boards are not putting students first.

“For me, the community comes first. Our kids come first,” he said.

Another driving force of Williams’ campaign is sustainability. “I’m not saying we’re going to build 18 hotels. It’s about keeping us who we are with practical, common sense expansion. It’s about finding detailed ways to thrive with what we have,” he said.

Although he says he has he has always been in public service, Williams revealed that he is already getting some backlash for joining the race because he is a celebrity. He told Fox that he isn’t doing this for himself, and that his ideas and determination “speak for themselves.” His focus on community, schools, and collaboration are the core of why he is running.

‘Happy Days’ star Anson Williams Runs for Mayor of Ojai

Although he does not have much of a political past, Williams has been vocal about what issues he supports. When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade back in June, Williams took to Facebook to express his thoughts.

“My dad was a World War 2 Hero…TWO purple hearts, D Day, Battle Of The Bulge, and so much more. He enlisted because this was the war to end all wars. He passed away a decade ago so thankfully he didn’t live through the disgust we’re living through today, dismissing the millions of lives lost for rights that have been taken away by our own government. So many INCLUDING less rights for my daughters then their mother!WHAT THE HELL!” he wrote.

When Williams announced his run, fellow former “Happy Days” star and current “Barry” actor Henry Winkler took to Twitter to show his support. Winkler quote tweeted George Pennacchio’s tweet, saying “You have my vote.”

Williams, who has lived in Ojai since 2011, will be running against the current mayor, Mayor Betsy Stix.