‘Happy Days’ Star Anson Williams Speaks Out About How ‘Division’ in California Prompted His Mayoral Run

by Joe Rutland

Anson Williams of the classic TV show Happy Days is one serious dude when it comes to wanting to be mayor of Ojai, Calif. Williams is best known for playing Postie on the ABC sitcom but he’s been very successful as a producer, director, and businessman. In other words, he’s definitely more than his on-air character. Williams has proven it over the years since the show ended its run and went into the world of reruns. The actor recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his run for mayor. He pointed out some divisions within the community of Ojai at this time.

“Not only are things not being done or completed, but there’s a division in the community that won’t continue under my leadership,” Williams said. When it comes to possibly asking Ron Howard or Henry Winkler to help him out, he said, “I’ve had deep, deep friendships with [them] for more than 40 years. They would help and I would love that because we’re family. But I don’t want to make this a [Hollywood campaign] because it goes against the heart of the community.”

Anson Williams of ‘Happy Days’ Learned A Lot From His Experiences

Williams would elaborate more about the division he was noticing in the California town. “It hit right down the center because of disinformation, backdoor politics, and shadowy situations,” he said. “The can kept getting kicked down the street and it seemed like nothing was getting done to keep our city secure and thriving, sustainability-wise. I saw it was becoming a mess, and someone asked me to run for mayor.”

During this lengthy interview with the outlet, Williams would also bring up his experiences working with big budgets as a producer and director. One thing Williams knows how to do is to get TV shows done. This led Williams to have to deal with numerous people in positions of authority. He’d have to get their OK about certain things. Then, as a director and producer, his call was to finish projects either under budget or to the dotted line. It is things like this that Williams pointed out when talking about becoming mayor of Ojai.

Yet he wants to solve problems in the city. He would talk about it even further in the interview. “I’ve proven in so many areas in my life — from philanthropy to movies to products to business to saving lives — that life is about meeting challenges and finding a way to solve them,” Williams said. He has learned from some of the biggest names in show business. When he was on Happy Days, Williams, like others in his cast and friends, were under the guiding hand of Garry Marshall. Marshall had other success before Happy Days on TV.