‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Agreed to Make a TikTok Under This Condition

by Joe Rutland

Henry Winkler has been making contributions to the world of TV for decades, ranging from Happy Days to his current work on Barry. He also has been a prolific children’s book author. Through them, he’s opened up people’s awareness of dyslexia. Winkler has been petty savvy, too, when it comes to social media. Recently, he joined up with other family members for a TikTok video.

That can be sometimes a rather dangerous thing to do. Remember, Winkler also is a father and grandfather. So when it comes to doing things with his grandchildren, he’s going to be game. But there was one condition in which Grandpa Henry put his foot down and pretty much said “follow this or no video.” OK, so he didn’t actually say that but we think you will get the drift according to a Page Six article.

Henry Winkler of ‘Happy Days’ Tips His Cap Toward Granddaughters

Winkler said, “I am only a TikTok star because my granddaughter India said, ‘Papa, you have to make a video.'” Lulu, another granddaughter, took on the role of picking the music for the video. This is where Winkler threw down the gauntlet about the music that would be used. “We threw a lot of songs out because I said, ‘I cannot have the word f–k in the music,'” Winkler of Happy Days said. “That’s it, I don’t have a lot of requests but that’s one of them. So we had to go through a lot of songs and then we did it and boom.”

The TikTok video comes right from Winkler’s own account. He’s not even been verified on there yet and we wonder why since, well, it’s The Fonz! The video shows Winkler dancing with India and Lulu, along with his grandson Ace. They are all shimmying and dancing to When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls. It’s quite cute and, by the way, Winkler has a lot of other videos and photos on his TikTok account. He has more than 1 million followers. So, here’s hoping that he gets verified really soon.

Meanwhile, you can keep up with his work as acting coach Gene Cousineau on Barry. The role would lead him to get the first Emmy Award of his illustrious career. Bill Hader stars in the show and created the HBO series. Seeing Winkler work with him definitely has been a treat. But people still love The Fonz and grow up with Winkler in their lives. He’s always expressed gratitude for getting the Happy Days role thanks to the show creator Garry Marshall. Winkler even considered Marshall as a mentor in his career. The show remains beloved by people both young and old alike.