‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Declares Singer Brandi Carlile’s Talent ‘Knows No Bounds’

by Emily Morgan

Throughout Henry Winkler’s tenure as an iconic actor, there’s no doubt he’s received love from his loyal fans. His work on classic TV series such as “Happy Days” and the buzz-worthy HBO series “Barry” has turned him into a megastar. Yet, even the A-list celeb fans out when he’s in the presence of one of his role models.

On Sunday, the Fonz actor took to Twitter to gush over one of his favorite country music and Americana artists, Brandi Carlile. In a series of posts, the 76-year-old actor posted pics of the “Broken Horses” singer from a recent concert.

He first tweeted out “How lucky are we,” along with a snap of the 41-year-old singing. After that, the giddy Winkler couldn’t contain his excitement at seeing her perform live and later posted two more pics of her.

Next, he posted a pic of Carlile performing with her bandmates, whom she calls ‘The Twins,’ writing, “Voices from God.” He finished off the string of snaps by simply writing, “Thank you, love the Winklers.” 

Carlile has been busy between a nationwide tour, dropping a new album, and publishing a No. 1 New York Times best-selling memoir. But, in addition, she’s far from slowing down. On June 11, she embarked on her tour in support of her critically acclaimed seventh studio album, In These Silent Days, released last fall.

Henry Winkler meets his idol

With shows at amphitheaters, arenas, and theaters paired with festival appearances planned through the fall, the six-time Grammy Award winner has a busy couple of months ahead of her. 

Last night, Henry Winkler got to see the Washington-based folk-rocker jam out, making all of his country-rock dreams come true. Then, on Sunday, Winkler surprised his fans when he tweeted a pic of the pair backstage. Both were grinning from ear to ear, and Winkler looked over the moon as he stood next to “The Joke” songstress. 

“@brandicarlile we opened our eyes this morning and simultaneously said “her talent knows NO bounds,” he tweeted alongside the snap. He’s now a proud Brandi Carlile mega-fan. 

In the tweet’s replies, his followers echoed a similar sentiment. “I had the very great honor and pleasure of meeting her, and mixing her and her band on SNL this past season. Best performance of the season and one of the real highlights of my tenure there,” someone wrote about the stunning vocalist. 

“Two of the most incredible and incredibly talented people on the planet. Great pic,” wrote another person. 

Someone also called out the two for what appeared to be an accidental color-coordination moment. The two icons rocked out in the same shade of green. Winkler donned a flannel with bits of red and green while Carlile wore a green button-up with a pocket on the front. 

“Loving the subtle color coordination,” they wrote with a heart emoji.