‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Lands a 24-Inch ‘Giant’ Trout on the Snake River: LOOK

by Joe Rutland

Well, our friend Henry Winkler of Happy Days has found himself back in his happy place where he’s fishing for trout again. Winkler is an avid fly fisherman who does enjoy the time away from the show business hustle and bustle. As you can see from this photo, he’s showing off quite a monster fish. There is no shame in Henry’s game out there on the famed Snake River. Let’s just sit back and admire what he was able to snag on a Friday.

You’d have a big smile on your face, too, if you caught this beautiful fish out there. Winkler has plenty of reasons to be all smiles. What were his fans saying after noticing this on Twitter? Plenty! One writes, “Damn. I gotta get on that river.” Another one says, “What a beautiful fish! Living yer best life, you!” Yep, he truly is living his best life out there among the fish. This fan pretty much states some facts here. The person writes, “OMG what a beauty!!! Congrats. And what a fun time that must have been reeling it in.”

Henry Winkler of ‘Happy Days’ Has Fished On Snake River Before

This is definitely not the first time Winkler, who played The Fonz on the classic TV show, has been on the Snake River. Does that name sound familiar to some old-school TV and sports fans? It should. Back in the day, daredevil Evel Knievel tried to soar above the Snake River Canyon. It did not work out too well for Knievel as he landed in his craft at the bottom of the canyon. Oh yeah, he did survive.

Now, if you watch Winkler these days, then you know that he’s been playing Gene Cousineau on the HBO series Barry. But that role would bring the veteran actor his first Emmy Award. Barry was created by former Saturday Night Live comedian Bill Hader. That’s probably hard for some people to believe. No, Winkler did not win won for his work on Happy Days. Still, the actor remains quite beloved for that role and other things. He has been a prolific children’s book author. In those books, Winkler creates characters through which he can talk about dyslexia. It is something that has been prevalent in his life for a long time. But the books give kids and even teens who might read them hope.

As for Happy Days-related news, Winkler is offering his support to actor Anson Williams. The Potsie Weber actor has announced that he is going to run for mayor in Ojai, Calif. It will be cool to see how Williams does at the ballot box. Having Winkler in his corner, though, is a good start.