‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Marks the ‘End of a Great Trip’ With One Last Catch: PHOTO

by Joe Rutland

It looks like Henry Winkler of Happy Days fame is closing out his summer trip to Idaho in fine fashion with another sparking catch. Winkler has been sharing some fantastic photos of his trout with all of his fans. He lets everyone know that it is “the end of a great trip” here. Oh, you cannot keep him away from getting into the waters of the Snake River. He’ll be back next summer as Winkler says, “See you next year Mr Brown”. It’s always cool to see what Winkler comes up with on one of his outings. Let’s all bask in this final picture for the well-known fisherman.

You are not the only fam of his loving the picture here. One of them writes, “That’s a good looking fish!” Another fan says, “The smile says it all!” You better believe it does. Even another classic TV star was praising his work in the river. Maureen McCormick of The Brady Bunch tweeted, “Thanks Henry for sharing this with us all!” Talk about cool. You cannot really think about the 1970s without their two shows.

Henry Winkler of ‘Happy Days’ Now Gets Back To Work

Winkler, though, knows that it’s time to get back to his day job. These days, you can catch him on the HBO series Barry where he plays Gene Cousineau. The Yale-trained Winkler does love the work he’s doing these days with Bill Hader, who stars and created the series.

There are millions of fans who love the work that he did as Arthur Fonzarelli on the classic TV show. His scenes with Ron Howard and others in the cast are quite memorable. One of them even has the pretty brave Fonz showing his human side. In an episode, Richie Cunningham, played by Howard, finds himself hospitalized. After everyone leaves the hospital room, it’s simply Fonzie and Richie, lying in a hospital bed, alone. We see The Fonz look up and ask God for some help with his buddy. He wants him to get better. But we see him show his human side, breaking down into tears. That’s one surefire way of humanizing the character.

Winkler has done so much, though, beyond acting. The Happy Days star has even found a way to bring awareness to dyslexia, something he has dealt with for years. But he found another outlet for sharing his journey through the creation of childrens books. They are quite popular and are another way for him to stay connected with his fans. But it’ll be good and, dare we say, cool to get Gene and his friends back on our TV sets with new episodes of Barry.