‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Once Appeared in a Hallmark Holiday Classic

by Megan Molseed

Any time of year is a good time of year for some of our favorite Hallmark Holiday classic films! And, fans of the popular classic TV sitcom series Happy Days may remember one of our favorite Happy Days stars, Henry Winkler taking a part in one of these classic films.

Henry Winkler Brings The Cool To A Hallmark Holiday Film Classic

In 2008, Henry Winkler showed off his broad acting talents by starring in the Hallmark film classic The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. In this romantic comedy holiday film, Henry Winkler portrays a retired cop who meets a new friend (Warren Christie) on a holiday flight. Winkler’s character is on his way home to visit his favorite niece who is played by Brooke Burns. At the last minute, Winkler decides to invite his new friend back home with him to celebrate the holidays.

As any true fan of the Hallmark Holiday film genre, Burns’s character and her unexpected visitor begin to develop feelings. However, there is a fiancé in the mix who is portrayed by Woody Jeffreys.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Brings Us All Of The Charm We Love So Much About The Hallmark Holiday Film

As with almost any Hallmark Holiday film, Winkler’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year has some glaring plot holes we are delighted to overlook. Starting with the blooming romance, of course. Christie’s character is visiting Burns’ home for only a few days before they begin to feel sparks. However, the fiancé is almost immediately unlikable, so the attraction can be somewhat understandable.

Henry Winkler Portrays The Loving Uncle In His Holiday Film

Throughout the film, we see Burns’s and Christie’s characters play that classic Hallmark film role where at first they don’t appear to mix well at all…however the bond soon grows. And, the spark that Winkler’s uncle-character knew would ignite eventually begins to grow. Winkler’s character is arguably one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday film.

Henry Winkler Has Just One Question He Asks Bill Hader Before Each Season Of Barry

Henry Winkler has been starring alongside Bill Hader in the popular series Barry for a few years now…and the hit show continues to be a fan favorite. But, before each season of Barry begins, Winkler asks his good friend Bill Hader one important question…is he still alive?

“Every season,” Henry Winkler quips.

“I call Bill and I say, ‘Bill. Am I dead?’” the Happy Days star says.

“And he goes ‘No!’” the actor quips. “And then I feel very good.”