‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Opens Up About Robin Williams’ ‘Greatness’ as Mork

by Alex Falls

Henry Winkler has crossed paths with a huge number of great actors during his long career. The recent Emmy nominee first broke out to audiences on the classic TV show Happy Days as the definition of cool, The Fonz.

Happy Days began as a spinoff from the 70s anthology series, Love, American Style. But it grew to be a major success in its own right and eventually launched a slew of its own spinoffs. Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy found success of their own after spinning off from the world of Happy Days.

Mork from Ork in particular went on to launch another career even more note-worthy than Winkler’s storied career. Robin Williams played the quirky character in what was supposed to be a one-off appearance. But his appearance was so popular he came back for one more episode and then got his own show in Mork and Mindy. Funny enough, Williams only got the role after the original actor was fired. But it became the launching pad for his career as one of the great funnymen in Hollywood.

Winkler Remembers Williams Talent

Winkler appeared at a fan event and described what it was like seeing the raw talent of Williams on the set of Happy Days.

“Williams came on a Wednesday. We usually start rehearsing Happy Days on a Monday. We rehearse all the way until Friday and then we shoot in front of a live audience. They could not find any actor who would take Mork from Ork,” Winkler said. “Robin was a stand-up comic and this was going to be one of his first television shows. He came in, they gave him the script, we are now lacking two days of rehearsal. And from the moment he opened his mouth, I realized I’m in the presence of greatness. And my job is just to not laugh and get out the way and let him be who he is. Cause man, it was something to witness.”

Williams tragically passed away in 2014 after a long career of trademark performances and memorable laughs. Winkler was rightfully amazed on that episode of Happy Days and he correctly predicted great things for the actor.

Winkler on the other hand is still enjoying a hard-working career as a beloved actor, writer, and most recently as a social media darling. He’s still fresh off the news of his Emmy nomination for his role the hit TV series Barry. This is his third nomination for the role and his ninth overall. He previously won for his role in Barry in 2018.

After his role as The Foz, Winkler had a fast rise to stardom. From his time on Happy Days lunch boxes to his acclaimed current role on Barry, Winkler has lived an amazing career.