‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Opens Up About His Awkward Encounter With Mick Jagger

by Taylor Cunningham

Happy Days star Henry Winkler may be a well-loved classic TV icon, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t occasionally get “starstruck” himself, especially when it comes to singers. But when he had a run-in with one of his all-time famous artists, Mick Jagger, the situation turned awkward quickly.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with guest-host Anthony Anderson this past Wednesday (July 13), Anderson admitted that he is a huge fan of the Emmy-winning star. And when he found out that Winkler actually knew who he was, he had a fanboy moment.

That led Anderson to wonder if Henry Winkler, being as famous as he is, ever gets giddy when he has celebrity sightings. And Winkler admitted that he does, but usually he only gets excited when he sees famous band members. And his most exciting moment was seeing Jagger eating sushi a few tables down from him one day.

But the Rolling Stone frontman apparently wasn’t equally as impressed with Winkler. Because when the actor wandered over to Jagger’s table to introduce himself, Jagger coldly shrugged him off.

“I was in a restaurant,” he told Anderson. “And I walked up to Mick Jagger and I said, ‘Hello, I’m Henry Winkler, and I have all of your albums.’”

And the greeting immediately turned into uncomfortable. Because as soon as Henry Winkler managed to spit out his words, Jagger side-eyed in his direction and simply uttered, “Henry,” then went back to his meal.

Humiliated, Winkler began stumbling over his words as he walked away.

“I slunk out of the restaurant,” he laughed. “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you. Enjoy the sushi. It was such a pleasure. I love your outfit.’”

Henry Winkler Nominated for a 2022 Emmy Award

Hopefully, Mick Jagger was just having a bad day when Henry Winkler ran into him. Because we’d all like to think that the singer would realize how famous the actor still is nearly sixty years after his Hollywood debut, which Winkler proved when he recently earned an Emmy nod for a third consecutive year for his work in Barry.

On July 12th, Winkler grabbed a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Throughout his career, he’s earned eight nominations, and only one has turned into a win. But as he told ET Canada, that fact just makes the anticipation even more thrilling.

“I’ve gotten a lot of nominations, and I have not actually walked up on the stage,” he admitted. “So you know, the sense of promise, the sense of what’s to come, is very exciting. It truly is. It does not get old.”

Winkler ended up winning his first and only trophy in 2018, also for his role in Barry. So he’s hopeful that he caught the voters’ eyes a second time around.

The 74th annual Primetime Emmys Awards air on September 22, 2022, on NBC.