‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Says We Have to ‘Take Care of Our Planet’ on Fishing Trip in Idaho: PHOTOS

by Megan Molseed

Happy Days star Henry Winkler is sharing some of our planet’s awesome sights…and his catches of the day in some recent Twitter posts.

During a recent fishing expedition, the former classic TV star shares some beautiful pics of a bright blue sky, luscious greens, and inviting waterfalls. Winkler also shares with fans a proud moment on the water as the TV star shows off one of his recent catches.

The Happy Days star goes on to share an inspiring message with the posts. Noting that it’s important to make sure we are preserving these sights and opportunities for others to enjoy in the future.

“We really have to take care of our planet,” Henry Winkler says in one of his Tuesday Twitter posts.

Earlier in the day, however, Winkler was a little more focused on catching some of what our planet provides us in nature as he fishes within some lovely clear waters. Using the catch and release system, of course! And, since it’s a catch-and-release fishing expedition, Winkler makes sure to share pics of his catch on Twitter to show off the impressive fish he has just caught.

“Ms Brown says hi,” the Happy Days star quips in the post as he beams excitedly while holding an impressive brown trout. Behind the longtime actor are more impressive sights, including a lovely waterway, and lusciously green hills.

Henry Winkler Reflects On His Time Working In Hollywood, Noting He Doesn’t Have A Favorite Role

Henry Winkler charmed his way into the hearts of television audiences for decades now as the loveable and charming Happy Days greaser, Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzerelli. However, his career continued long after this popular sitcom series came to an end. Further securing Winkler’s fame over the decades.

But, the actor tells ABC News’ Linsey Davis in a recent interview, there isn’t one character he has played that he favors over the others.

“Don’t have one,” the Barry star says when asked which character he enjoyed the most during his prolific Hollywood career.

“Love them all,” Winkler continues in the discussion.

The longtime actor adds that because of each one of his roles, he has been living his “dream.”

“I’m a very verbal fellow,” Winkler says. “I don’t have the words to tell you how happy I am.”

While Winkler can’t pick a favorite character above the rest, he is quick to note that his role in the current series, Barry is a highlight in his career.

 “I don’t know how Barry gets away with it,” Winkler says of the award-winning series.

“In the first season, he shoots his best friend from the Marines in the head in the car,” Winkler reflects.

“In the very next episode, he kills the Chechens and saves Fuches, and you are cheering in your room, going ‘Oh my god!’” the longtime actor adds. “Because remember, I’m not in those scenes. I never see what is happening until I watch the show.”