‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Speaks Out About 2022 Emmy Nomination

by Leanne Stahulak

Happy Days” and classic TV star Henry Winkler officially received an Emmy nomination yesterday for the 2022 awards show, for his performance in the hit HBO series “Barry.”

This will be Winkler’s third consecutive nomination for the third season of the show. Henry Winkler won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series award for his first season performance. Perhaps for this latest season, he’ll strike gold again.

After the nominations went out yesterday, Henry Winkler sat down with ET Canada to discuss his and the show’s successful run of Emmy nods. This time, Winkler believes he may have a good shot at winning again.

“I’ve gotten a lot of nominations and I have not actually walked up on the stage,” Henry Winkler shared with ET Canada. “So you know, the sense of promise, the sense of what’s to come, is very exciting. It truly is. It does not get old.”

The Emmys return to an in-person format this year after two years of COVID-19 virtual ceremonies. Hopefully, Winkler can attend the in-person ceremony and celebrate his potential success with his cast mates. Not that they haven’t already started celebrating.

“Bill [Hader] just wrote me, Alec Berg just wrote me, Jimmy Kimmel just wrote me,” Winkler shared. Hader and Berg are his “Barry” co-stars and the series creators. “So you know, it’s great, it really is. But my children are scattered. They’re on vacation, taking their children to hither-tither and yon. And I’ve heard from all of them, and there’s nothing better.”

It’s sweet (and well-deserved) that Henry Winkler’s close friends and family have all congratulated him on his success. But of course, being the humble man he is, Winkler wanted to celebrate his cast and crew’s nominations as well.

Henry Winkler Congratulates His Fellow ‘Barry’ Stars on Their Emmy Nominations

Aside from Henry Winkler and his Supporting Actor nod, “Barry” received an incredible 14 nominations. Those include a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series and several other craft nominations.

And of course, Winkler’s co-stars earned their nods as well. Anthony Carrigan also nabbed a Supporting Actor nomination, while Hader earned Lead Actor, Director, and Writer nods.

“My fellow castmate Anthony Carrigan is nominated, Bill is nominated multiple times because he is multiply talented,” Winkler shared. “I am a little sorry about Sarah Goldberg. She is a phenomenal actress. Stephen Root is one of those men who can do anything. And D’Arcy Carden… the show is just populated with extraordinary talent.”

Goldberg, Root, and Carden also play major roles on “Barry.” And while they might have been shortlisted, they ultimately didn’t make the cut for their respective categories.

But overall, Winkler is proud to be a part of the show and is enjoying the ride.

“I have to tell you, it is delightful doing this show,” Winkler revealed. “I memorize, I’m having a great time, I’m prepared for the next day. I’m lounging at home, having cheese whiz on a cracker. And then you go in and Bill Hader takes me from Montreal to Peru. I mean, the places I never even imagined.”

You can stream “Barry” now on HBO.