‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler Trends on Twitter Over Eye-Catching Series of Posts

by Alex Falls

Henry Winkler is a busy man these days. In between receiving critical acclaim for his performance in HBO’s Barry, he’s becoming an internet darling. Winkler’s Twitter page has become a hot spot on the social media site. Right now, fans are loving his regular posts where he’s sharing his river adventures alongside suggestive musings.

Social media can be filled with negativity, so Winkler’s fans are tickled that his playful posts are taking the outlet by storm. Right now, Henry Winkler is a huge internet darling.

“As I understand it, Henry Winkler looked happy & not insane & expressed normal human emotions about his fishing holiday. & it’s taken the Internet by storm,” one user wrote. “It’s such a relief that someone whose name we know showed up & wasn’t obviously crazy or evil. Because it’s been days.”

Another user possibly hit the nail on the head when trying to determine why Winkler’s Tweets are captivating so many recently. “Henry Winkler is the absolute best example of someone on this hellsite whose tweets are made all the more perfect because you can’t help but read them in his voice.”

Henry Winkler’s Popularity is Undeniable

The former Happy Days star is truly beloved by his fans. He has spent decades creating an image of a versatile actor who disappears into every role he takes on. His acting contributions are so cherished that Winkler was included in a list of America’s natural treasures.

After countless roles in his career, you would think picking a favorite from his illustrious filmography would be difficult. However, for Winkler the best is only just behind him. He calls his current show, Barry, one of the most fulfilling of his career.

“I would have to say the work I am doing now [is the greatest],” Winkler said in an interview with ABC News. “This season of Barry – Barry is a gift in the whole thing. The people that I work with, the words I get to say.” Winkler plays acting teacher Gene Cousineau on the show. The role won Winkler the first Emmy Award of his long and storied career.