‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard’s Son Looks Just Like Richie Cunningham

by Emily Morgan

When Ron Howard’s son looks at his dad’s portrayal of Richie Cunningham in “Happy Days,” it might feel like he’s looking in the mirror. But, as it turns out, Howard’s son, Reed, is the spitting image of his dad, who rose to fame on the classic TV sitcom from 1974 to 1984.

During his time on the show, Ron Howard became beloved for his bright, firetruck red hair, which he sadly lost decades later. However, fans can still see Richie Cunningham in Howard’s son. In fact, the two could even be described as twins.

While we know a good bit about the Hollywood actor and director, what about Reed? His sisters, Paige and Bryce Dallas Howard, chose to follow in their famous dad’s footsteps and became actors. However, Reed chose a different path.

According to Reed Howard’s social media profiles, he is a professional golfer and a Youtuber. Even though the father and son went into different professions, there’s no denying they look alike. Even in the photos on social media, we can see a stark resemblance. For example, in a 2018 Instagram post from Ron Howard, we had to do a double-take of the duo.

“@reedchoward and I in a very busy #NYC #flatirondistrict Hoping you all are connecting w/Family & Friends this holiday season,” he captioned the photo during the holiday season.

Ron Howard’s son known for inventing powerful golf device

Reed is also the creator of a powerful new tool used by many golfers nationwide, known as Steadhead Training Aid. So while we may not see him on the big screen any time soon, maybe we’ll see him on our TVs when he gets a chance at the Masters.

According to Golf.com, Reed’s “Steadhead” was a “product of personal necessity.” While Reed was playing golf on the mini-tours, he noticed that his swing was “moving pretty severely down and back during his downswing.”

To become more accurate on the green, he had to get creative. After studying other great players, he noticed their heads stayed far more still.

“Golf’s best players were very good at rotating around a very stable center,” Reed said. “It’s like trying to shoot an arrow at a target from the top of a horse vs. a stable position. If your head’s moving around all over the place, your hand-eye coordination is going to suffer.” As a result, he invented his Steadhead device.

According to Reed’s website, the “Amazing new training aid is one of a kind. With a sleek design, it is easy to use and a highly effective method of improving your swing and learning to hit every shot more solid and on target.”

The device currently has 64 reviews on Amazon, with some users calling it “the best training device I have ever purchased” and “the Steadhead is everything I hoped it would be.”