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Henry Winkler Reveals What It Would Take to Get Him in a ‘Happy Days’ Reboot

by Taylor Cunningham
Happy Days Stars
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The legendary Fonzie actor Henry Winkler is open to a Happy Days reboot—but only under very specific conditions.

Winkler opened up about reviving the classic TV series while chatting with Fox News at the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday, Jan. 15. He admitted that he has “no idea” if the gang will ever return to their booth at Arnold’s Drive-In. But if they do, all his favorite former co-stars will have to be there.

“I wouldn’t want to do it without Ron [Howard], without Don [Most], without Anson [Williams], and without Marion {Ross],” he told the publication.

If all the above agreed on a reboot, that would mean that we’d see a Richie Cunningham, Ralph Malph, Potsie Webber, Marion Cunningham, and Fonzie reunion.

Winkler, who won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series thanks to his performance in Barry, also noted that he is hesitant to revive the series without its creator Garry Marshall, who passed away in 2016.

Ron Howards Isn’t Optimistic About a ‘Happy Days’ Revival

The 77-year-old played Arthur Fonzarelli in the iconic show from 1974 until 1984. During that time, he became a pop-culture sensation and turned his supporting role into the lead role when he outshined Howard’s Richie.

Despite the fact that Howard literally stole the show, he and Howard formed a lasting friendship behind the scenes. And to this day, they consider each other family. In fact, they’re the godfathers of each other’s children.

So Happy Days is more than just another project to Winkler, which means he would only consider bringing it back under the most perfect circumstances.

Winkler has thought about the concept, especially in the era of the reboot. But he promised that he has no insider information that he’s keeping from fans.

Ron Howard, however, has also spoken about the possibility, and he seemed even less optimistic than his friend. While speaking on the red carpet at the American Cinematheque Award in November, which honored Ryan Reynolds, he also admitted that the stars would need to perfectly align for a Happy Days reboot, but he didn’t think they could.

“You know, the guys remain pretty close. Donny Most, Anson, Henry Winkler, and I are on the same link,” he said. “We’re always communicating with each other. But, you know, that was then. We’re all kind of ambitiously pursuing other dreams so I think that’s probably a long shot.”