‘Home Improvement’s Patricia Richardson Posts Rare Pic With Tim Allen From Set of ’90s Sitcom

by Shelby Scott

Home Improvement remains one of the most beloved sitcoms of the 1990s, alongside other classic TV shows like Full House, Friends, and so many more. Now, years after these series have concluded, many remain a fan-favorite even among new audiences. More than anything though, what makes shows, such as Home Improvement, memorable is its cast members, bringing life to the characters we now know and love. One of those iconic actors is Patricia Richardson, known for her role as Jill Taylor on the Tim Allen-starring sitcom. More recently, the Home Improvement star took fans by surprise, sharing a rare photo of herself and her onscreen husband Tim Taylor in a new Instagram post. Check it out below.

In the caption of the post, Richardson wrote, “…turns out that a fictional marriage can be great.”

Whether or not the Home Improvement star was ripping on real-life marriage, we can’t exactly be sure. Either way, fans took to the comments in droves to share their love for the actress and, moreover, the beloved onscreen couple.

“Best tv couple, parents, spouses ever,” one fan proclaimed. Another said, “It may be fictional but I learned a lot from this couple.”

Simultaneously, fans that watched Home Improvement during its broadcast days spoke about their personal growth and how they’ve begun to relate to other characters over the years.

“I grew up with the show and still mentally reference Tim and Jill during moments in my own marriage,” one fan shared. They continued, “I went from relating to the kids to relating to Jill and it’ll always be one of my favorite shows ever! Thank you so much for all you put into that character!”

Tim Allen Turned Down Several Roles to Star in ‘Home Improvement’

While Patricia Richardson remains iconic for her role in Home Improvement as Jill Taylor, the ’90s sitcom is actually where actor and comedian Tim Allen really got his start. However, before scoring the role of Tim Taylor, the TV star actually turned down several other roles, plenty of which could have also led him to stardom.

According to Looper, Tim Allen, most widely known for his roles on Home Improvement and Last Man Standing, was first offered parts in Disney’s Turner & Hooch and Dead Poets Society.

As per the outlet, Allen would have played Detective Scott Turner in the former and John Keating in the Dead Poets Society. In speaking about his decision to turn down the roles, the Home Improvement star simply said, “I thought they got the wrong guy.”

He further said, “They just said we could get you on the air now with that, and then maybe later.”