How ‘Brady Bunch’ Star Ann B. Davis Found Her True Calling After Playing Alice

by Shelby Scott

The Brady family stood at the center of the American television series, “The Brady Bunch.” But, Ann B. Davis was much loved for her role as the family’s housekeeper, Alice. Ann B. Davis saw success as Alice. However, interestingly, the iconic actress actually found her true calling after departing the classic TV sitcom.

Ann B. Davis played Alice for the entirety of “The Brady Bunch’s” running. But, afterward, she continued to pursue work in theater. In between, she also continued to return for various “Brady Bunch” reunion projects, finding jobs within the commercial industry. That said, though, it wasn’t until her later life that she really found her true passion.

Ann B. Davis Finds Passion in Religion Following ‘Brady Bunch’ Role

According to Do You Remember?, the former “Brady Bunch” star became very active in her church community while living in Denver, Colorado, chasing that same passion after relocating to western Pennsylvania.

As per the outlet, many people believed Davis had become a nun, but “The Brady Bunch” producer Lloyd J. Schwartz stated she simply remained active in the church community.

“Her heart took her to a different place,” the producer said. He further shared, “[Davis] did a lot of charity work with homeless people and things like that. She found a new fulfillment there.”

While “The Brady Bunch” actress might have found genuine fulfillment in religion, she still occasionally found parts on screen and in theater. However, after committing to life within the church, Schwartz reports she became much more concerned with the roles she held.

“When she did so something, like a commercial or a cameo appearance in ‘The Brady Bunch Movie,’ she would always check in with me first,” Schwartz said. “With the ‘Brady Bunch’ film, she was concerned because it was PG-13, but I said, ‘No, this is fine.’ And this is what she would do. And she was loved in that.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Intended to Pursue Another Career

Davis’s role in “The Brady Bunch” is interesting because, as per the same outlet, the Alice actress never actually intended to act. Instead, she started college with a focus on pre-med. Later, though, her older brother helped her realize she had an affinity for acting. After starting her education in pre-med, Ann B. Davis later graduated with a degree in drama and speech.

Afterward, Davis didn’t jump right into “The Brady Bunch.” The actress first found fame on “The Bob Cummings Show,” earning two Emmys for her performance. Later, the Alice actress featured in the comedy series, “The John Forsythe Show.” While it didn’t run long, Davis still found success there and later moved on to theater work and commercial features.

In addition, Ann B. Davis earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before even appearing in “The Brady Bunch.” The fact speaks to her talent as an actress in the 20th century.