How Marion Ross Felt About Her Relationship With ‘Happy Days’ Co-Star Henry Winkler

by Samantha Whidden

Decades after “Happy Days” came to an end, Marion Ross opens up about the relationship she has with her classic TV co-star Henry Winkler

While speaking to Smashing Interviews in 2018, Marion Ross revealed that she still remains in contact with her “Happy Days” co-star. “We go to lunch and have a good time. In fact, Ron [Howard] and his daughter Bryce are having a party in a few weeks. I’m very fortunate that we have remained very tight friends.”

Along with discussing her “Happy Days” co-stars, Marion Ross spoke about her personal life. When asked if her marriage to Freeman Meskimen may have had a huge impact on her acting career, Ross said yes. “It’s funny. Of course, I thought I had come to a total standstill at age 50, and I said to my mother who was a teacher, ‘Maybe I should get a credential and become a teacher.” She said, “No! Don’t do that.” I tried so hard to turn the acting into a business.”

In response, Marion Ross decided to get a press agent to help with her career. “I could see that this was all about selling, that I was a product, and it was about selling and that the Brownies and the fairies were not going to come and find you. So isn’t that interesting?”

In regards to if her children are in show business as well, Marion Ross shared, “My daughter was a writer/producer on ‘Friends.’ Her name is Ellen Kreamer, and now she’s creating a new pilot for ABC. My son, Jim Meskimen, is in a commercial right now. He plays George Washington being towed across the freeway in a boat, and it’s for GEICO.”

‘Happy Days’ Star Marion Ross Reflects on the Fondest Memories She Has of Her Acting Career 

Meanwhile, Marion Ross reflected on the fondest memories she has of her acting career over the years. “I did a show in the 90s that you’ve probably never heard of and nobody ever saw. It was called ‘Brooklyn Bridge’. We did it at CBS with Gary Goldberg. I played a Jewish Polish grandmother. I mean, of all things! Here I am this Scotch-Irish girl from Minnesota, but I was very proud of that work. So that’s something. It’s also wonderful to have survived in this business. I’m now 89. I am retired, but I have had a wonderful life in this business.”

She also discussed what her last acting role was. “I can’t remember because it was so insignificant. I can’t remember what it was. But I’ve always been doing plays. In Kansas City, I’ve done plays, and I’ve done national tours. Jean Stapleton and I did ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ on the national tour. It has just been a darn good life.”