‘I Love Lucy’: One Dark Fan Theory Thought Lucy Was a Woman on the Run From the Mob

by Taylor Cunningham

To most fans, I Love Lucy followed the hilarious antics of a middle-class housewife who couldn’t help but get herself into the strangest situations. But to a few people, there was a suspiciously dark side to the red-headed mother.

That’s right, a fan theory has made its rounds claiming that Lucy was actually holing up in her classic TV New York home under the watch of the Witness Protection Program. The reason she went into hiding was that she was raised in the mob, and her crime boss father was furious that she left.

The concept sounds a bit whacky—even whackier than the time that she got drunk on live TV while peddling Vitameatavegamin. But the author of the theory, Cracked‘s Rachael Brennan, gave some reasons behind her idea. And we have to admit, it’s not as crazy as it seems.

Firstly, Lucy never once brings up her dad in the series. And even when her mother visits during season six, his existence is never mentioned. Also, Lucy never spills her maiden name. In fact, when someone asks during an episode titled Housewarming, she makes a joke of it by claiming she was born as Lucy McGillicuddy.

Lucy also has a sinister way of getting herself out of her constant sticky situations. Instead of charming her way to salvation, she schemes, lies, and sometimes downright breaks the law. Of course, the writers make it all look innocent enough. But really, where’d she learn those skills?

Was an FBI Agent Assigned to the Housewife in ‘I Love Lucy’?

Also, the episodes certainly make it look like the FBI is following Lucy around. If you pay attention, there is one man who wears many hats throughout the series. Actor Louis Nicoletti played a waiter, a reporter, and an elevator operator, among other occupations. And as all people familiar with the Witness Protection Program know, each person has an undercover FBI agent assigned to them. So can it really be a coincidence that the same man just happens to pop up as a different character so often?

Lucy Ricardo is also over-the-top paranoid. In fact, in one I Love Lucy episode, she even believed that Ricky was trying to kill her. And she goes as far as taking a loaded gun to his office to confront him about her suspicions. That’s hardly a 1950s middle-class housewife plot.

And lastly, one fact that we can’t forget, Lucy is a criminal. In the first season, the quirky character turns into a highly-skilled thief for an installment titled The Kleptomaniac. She pickpockets, steals a watch, and gets her hands on a local bank’s blueprints in less than a day.

That sounds like a story straight out of a mob movie.

In the end, all signs point to the fact that she’s not just your typical innocent wife. But we’ll let you decide for yourself if her roots go as far as being a member of the old-school mob.