Kelsey Grammer Hints at When the ‘Frasier’ Reboot Could Start Production

by Craig Garrett

Kelsey Grammer was brought to tears by the first script for the upcoming Paramount+ reboot of his classic TV show Frasier. The Frasier revival was announced back in February of 2021. However, not many details have been rolled out about the new series since then. Fans are eager to see the return of Dr. Frasier Crane, a role that originated on the classic sitcom Cheers.

Grammer said on a preview for The Talk that “we’re in the final script for the first episode” of the reboot. The good news is Kelsey Grammer is liking what he’s seeing. “It looks pretty good. I’ve had a couple of runs through it, and I cried, so you know, I’m happy,” he said.

However, the actor was a little vague about when the project will officially start shooting. Kelsey Grammer is apparently juggling several projects, so nothing seems set in stone. “There’s been some conversation about maybe October, maybe a little later. I don’t know,” he explained. “There are a couple of other things coming up. We’ve developed a couple of other projects that look like they’re going to shoot first.”

Where would a ‘Frasier’ reboot pick up? Kelsey Grammer drops some clues

Fans have been speculating on what a new Frasier series could look like. Many argue that the heart of the classic Frasier show was his father, Marty. The gruff retired police detective was often the perfect foil to the foppish Frasier Crane. Marty was played brilliantly by veteran actor John Mahoney, who sadly passed away in 2018. Still, Frasier is after all the titular character. For a reboot to work, he’s the only truly essential component. Kelsey Grammer said as much in the interview. “The key ingredient for the ‘Frasier’ reboot is actually Frasier, honestly. It was always called ‘Frasier’, so it’s me… the key is me,” the actor quipped.

Where the story will go from the original series 2004 finale is still up in the air. However, Grammer did give some clues on New York Live last year. “He thinks he’s gonna go off and do one thing, and sure enough, his life takes him in another direction,” he explained. “And he ends up rich beyond his dreams.”

Frasier Crane debuted in season 3 of the Cheers episode “Rebound (Part 1).” Crane was the love interest of Diane Chambers. This was part of the Sam and Diane romantic arc. Though Kelsey Grammer was only set to appear for a few episodes, the character proved popular. Soon after, he was promoted to a series regular. Once Cheers ended in 1993, Frasier was immediately spun off into his own show. Frasier ran for 11 seasons, ending in 2004. This means Grammer played the role for 20 consecutive years.