‘Knots Landing’ Star Donna Mills, 81, Makes Rare Appearance With Her Daughter

by Suzanne Halliburton

Just wow. Knots Landing star Donna Mills, who will be 82 this December, walked the red carpet for the London premiere of her new movie this past weekend. It’s as if she hasn’t aged in decades.

Mills has maintained a lower profile since she was one of this country’s most beloved soap vixens from the 1980s. She played Abby Cunningham on the prime-time soap Knots Landing, a spinoff of Dallas. She’ll always be the queen of classic TV. And she was as beautiful, glamorous, nasty and manipulative as Joan Collins’ Alexis Carrington Colby on Dynasty. As Cunningham, Mills flipped the script. Pre Knots Landing, she was type cast as a woman who needed saving. But during the soap’s run, Mills portrayed a female version of J.R. Ewing. (He was her brother-in-law for awhile).

Three decades after Knots Landing, Mills resurfaced in Jordan Peele’s Nope, a sci-fi thriller. And Mills brought her 34-year-old daughter, Chloe, as her plus-one to the London premiere on July 28. Nope opened in wide release last weekend and so far has earned $68 million at the domestic box office.

Mills dressed in an all-white pantsuit for her trip down the red carpet. Chloe wore a green gown. The two posed for the cameras, and Mills added a couple of the shots to her Instagram account. She captioned the photos:

“A night I would never say NOPE to! Thank you London for the warm welcome and thank you to Jordan Peele for your incredible work and including me in your masterpiece Nope…Oh to and my baby girl Chloe Nicole Mills for being my date.”

Click to the second photo to see Mills and her beautiful daughter.

Everyone Loved to Hate Glamorous Knots Landing Star in the Eighties

Mills played Bonnie Clayton in Peele’s blockbuster. But she couldn’t divulge details about the UFO movie before the premiere.

“I’d signed an NDA, and I couldn’t tell anybody [about the movie],” Mills told the New York Post.“I mean, I literally couldn’t tell my daughter. It was hard because everybody wanted to know, ‘What is it really about?’ People asked, and I said, ‘I’m really sorry, but nope!’ ”

Let’s get back to Knots Landing. Mills left the show in 1989, but returned for its series finale in 1993. She joined the cast in the series second season, playing the younger sister of Sid Fairgate, who owned the local car dealership. By the end of her run on the show, she’d married and divorced Gary Ewing and wed Greg Sumner.

The cast of Knots Landing Left to right, Joan Van Ark, Donna Mills, Ted Schackleford, William DeVane, Kevin Dobson, and Michelle Lee (Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros/Getty Images)

After Knots Landing wrapped up, Mills decided to start a family, although she wasn’t married. She was 54 when she adopted newborn Chloe in 1994. She told People that she took most of the next 18 years off to raise her only child.

But Mills did return to acting. In 2014, she joined the cast of General Hospital as a recurring character. She won a daytime Emmy for Outstanding Guest Star.

And now she’s showing off on another red carpet, looking fabulous. Truthfully, we all expected that from Abby, didn’t we?