‘Knots Landing’ Star Donna Mills Speaks Out About Ditching Hollywood for 18 Years After the ‘Dallas’ Spinoff

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

She has been acting for nearly 60 years, but now “Knots Landing” star Donna Mills is revealing why she decided to ditch Hollywood for 18 years after the “Dallas” spinoff series. 

During a recent interview with People for her new film “Nope,” the classic TV icon stated that she took a break from Hollywood after becoming a mother in her 50s. She adopted her daughter Chloe when she was 54-years-old. “By that time, I was 54 and people said, ‘You’re going to be so old [to] have a little toddler running around,’” Donna Mills explained about her break from Hollywood. “I never felt that. I never felt older than the other mothers who were probably in their 20s.”

Donna Mills said the end of the “Dallas” spinoff and being 54-years-old was the right time for her to take a break from acting to become a mother. She encourages others to consider having a child later in life. “If you want to give to your career, I say having a child later in life is better than having a child early.”

Donna Mills then spoke about taking a break from Hollywood after the “Dallas” spinoff to spend time raising Chloe. “I took off 18 years. I didn’t work. Well, the first couple of years, I did work. I did some movies for television and stuff like that. Because I could take her wherever I went. But then when she started school, I wasn’t going to go out of town for two months at a time. And I didn’t want [to] become a mother to give her to a nanny.”

While speaking about her relationship with Chloe, who is now 27-years-old, Donna Mills shared, “We see each other at least once a week and we talk every day or text.”

Donna Mills Reveals How She Stays in Shape & Avoids Cosmetic Procedures

While continuing her chat with People, Donna Mills revealed how she continues to remain in shape, ages gracefully, and says no to cosmetic procedures. “I usually work out every day. Having been a dance, I have my ballet bar in a little gym upstairs. And I just got a Peloton for my birthday. I do weight training and a lot of stretching.”

Donna Mills also explained that she has always been a healthy eater. She doesn’t eat sugar, pasta, or starches. “I eat mostly proteins and vegetables. I love vegetables. Which I grow – kale and arugula, tomatoes. My greatest pleasure in life is eating it right off the vine. I’m not a good cook. The only thing that I make that’s good is cheesecake.”

In regards to how she keeps her youthful glow, Donna Mills added, “For skincare, the main thing is to stay out of the frickin’ sun! It makes such a difference.”