‘L.A. Law’: ABC Passes Up On the Pilot for the Drama Series’ Sequel

by Joe Rutland

LA Law is getting a pass from ABC and the network will not be going forward with the sequel to the classic TV legal drama. Blair Underwood, who comes back to play Jonathan Rollins, is an executive producer of the pilot. Corbin Bernsen also returns as Arnie Becker. Reportedly, the pilot is being shopped around to networks.

Other actors in the L.A. Law sequel included Hari Nef, Toks Olagundoye, Ian Duff, John Harlan Kim, Juliana Harkavy, and Kacey Rohl. We get more from Deadline. When reached about the series getting another breath of fresh air, Bernsen did mention he’s thought about Arnie over the years.

Steven Bochco’s Widow Dayna Part of Producing Team

“I’ve often thought about revisiting L.A. Law and Arnie Becker over the years,” he tells Deadline in another interview. “Now seems the perfect moment in time to explore our fast-changing world through Becker’s eyes. Fasten your seatbelts.” The sequel is not on the shelf. There’s still a chance old-school fans of the show will get to see Arnie again. The same goes for Rollins, too.

Steven Bochco, one of the most prolific creators of TV shows in the industry’s history, created L.A. Law. Bochco, who has died since the show aired originally, also created Hill Street Blues for NBC and NYPD Blue for ABC. Dayna Bochco, his widow, has a role as part of the producing team for the sequel.

‘LA Law’ Sequel Cast Member Kim Also Appeared In Fox Show ‘9-1-1’

Meanwhile, as we did talk about new cast members, some of the L.A. Law cast included Jimmy Smits, Jill Eikenberry, Susan Dey, and Harry Hamlin. What about new cast member Kim? You probably know him from playing Albert Han on the Fox TV show 9-1-1. Other shows and characters included Agent Park on Nancy Drew. On L.A. Law, Kim appears as Chad Park. Park is being called an up-and-comer in the firm. He’s developed an ambition going beyond ethics these days.

The original series ran from 1986 through 1994. According to IMDb, the synopsis is this: “The lives and work of the staff of a major Los Angeles law firm.” There you go. LA Law happened to win 15 Emmy Awards during the run. Speaking of classic TV, any reference to Susan Dey almost has to be connected to The Partridge Family. Dey plays the oldest daughter Laurie Partridge opposite David Cassidy’s Keith Partridge.

In a little Partridge trivia, one time Dey lived for a time with co-star Danny Bonaduce, who played Danny Partridge. When asked how long in an interview, Bonaduce said, “I think about a season. Which is how I tell time. I don’t actually go on vacation, I go on hiatus. Probably 6 months.”