‘Laverne & Shirley’ Star Cindy Williams Recalls Hilarious Ron Howard Road Trip Story

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Actress Cindy Williams of Laverne & Shirley fame actually did have some interactions with fellow actor Ron Howard. Sure, they crossed paths on Howard’s show Happy Days. After all, Williams and her on-screen partner Penny Marshall started their act as Shirley Feeney and Laverne DeFazio on the other sitcom. There was a time, though, when Williams and Howard were together for some work.

‘Laverne & Shirley’ Actress Cindy Williams Shares Story Involving Actor Ron Howard

Williams does her best to recall the situation in this interview. “It involves Ron Howard and Sissy Spacek and our adventure in Vineland,” she says while chatting with New Jersey 101.5 FM. At the time, they were all three working on a TV movie titled The Migrants that starred Cloris Leachman. Some classic TV fans might remember Leachman from her turn as Phyllis on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Williams said she, Howard, and Spacek got into a van one night as they had the day off from work.

“Ron and I wanted to go for a drive because we’d never been to New Jersey,” Williams says. “Sissy wanted to go but she was tired and sat in the back and laid down. We headed toward Atlantic City.” So, the van, with all three aboard, would reach a place titled the LaBue Lodge, according to Williams’ recollection.

“We were totally mesmerized by that,” she says. “Then we figured we better get back home and we quickly got lost. So, we’re out in the woods it seemed like and we find this bar and these guys come shooting out of the door they’re having this big argument.” She says that all that she and Howard wanted to do was ask for directions to get back to Vineland.

Learning About What A Jughandle Means in New Jersey Might Have Helped Howard

“We both got out of the car and we asked as innocent as we could,” Williams says. “And we said, ‘Excuse us, could you please tell us how to get back to Vineland?’ And they stopped their little fistfight and told us, ‘You go out here, you make a left, and then you make a jug handle at the first turn.’ (And) We’re nodding our heads and we get back in the car pulling out of the parking lot and Ron turns to me and asks, ‘So what’s a jug handle?'”

If you are asking the same question, then we have you covered with a definition. Jughandles are a safe way to make a left turn. Yes, they are shaped like a jughandle coming off the main road. Instead of turning left from the left lane, drivers exit right into the jughandle. That will loop back around so the driver can go straight.