‘Leave It to Beaver’: All the Original Cast Members Still Alive Today

by Joe Rutland

When talking about the classic TV show Leave It to Beaver, it’s always pretty cool to wonder which cast members are still alive. The show, which has become a staple for kids growing up and watching TV, starred Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow, Barbara Billingsley, and Hugh Beaumont. Cast members who remain alive do include Mathers and Dow, but there are others who are still around, too.

Let’s start with Mathers and Dow, though. They played Theodore Cleaver, also known as “The Beaver,” and Wally, respectively. Their brotherly love has been entertaining fans for decades. Yes, Beaver causes more trouble than you can shake a stick at as they say. Of course, Wally had his share of issues when it came to girls. We can’t leave out his friends, too, especially Eddie Haskell, played brilliantly by Ken Osmond.

Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow Stay Active After ‘Leave It to Beaver’

But watching them get along in Leave It to Beaver makes the show that much better. Beaver does get lectured a lot by Ward, played by Beaumont. Mother June, played by Billingsley, also is along for making the nuclear family that much more lovable. After the show, Mathers didn’t do that much acting until later “Beaver” related projects. Dow, though, would become a prolific director for TV shows. Recently, he’s been battling some health issues and is focused these days on his sculpting work.

Who else is still alive? Let’s go with Stephen Talbot, who played Gilbert. He was one of Beaver’s close friends and could always be there for humorous moments. Talbot himself was a busy child actor with work on shows like Perry Mason and The Lucy Show. He would, though, leave the world of acting as a young boy at 14. But Talbot was not done with TV work. Hardly. After college, he would find work with PBS station KQED in San Francisco. Talbot also would become prolific in working on documentaries, a role that would lead him to work for PBS directly. It was a love for sports that would lead Talbot out of show business.

Rusty Stevens would play Larry Mondello, another friend of Beaver, on the show. He usually was connected between him and Beaver getting into trouble. Stevens would find work later reprising Larry in other show-related projects, too. Jeri Weil played Judy Hensler, who was connected with Wally. “Tiger” Fafara played Tooey Brown, another friend of Wally. But his younger brother, the late Stanley Fafara, played Beaver’s friend Whitey. Here’s one crossover into the world of movies that you might not expect. Tim Matheson appeared as Mike, a friend of the Beave, for two episodes in the show’s sixth season. Matheson played Otter in National Lampoon’s Animal House.