‘Leave It to Beaver’: Celebrate Father’s Day With These Classic Ward Cleaver Episodes

by Joe Rutland

When talking about Father’s Day, put some classic TV on there for you and watch Ward Cleaver deal with Beaver on Leave It to Beaver. Ward, played by Hugh Beaumont, usually offered some solid wisdom to his boys. Obviously, the Beave got into plenty of trouble throughout the show’s run. Jerry Mathers would hear Ward give him words of caution or encouragement. Seeing Ward Cleaver put his stamp on a place among TV fathers has been a pleasure over the decades. Well, maybe you’d like to see some solid episodes featuring Beaumont in his iconic character.

One time, Ward would be a part of his kids’ basketball action in The Perfect Father. Beaver and Wally, played by Tony Dow, also had some friends over to play. Ward, though, gets involved in the action and sends everyone scattering. Maybe dear old Dad learned a lesson here. It would be to just separate yourself from them at different times.

Ward Cleaver Gets Serious When It Comes to Smoking On ‘Leave It to Beaver’

Talk about helpful Ward. This next situation worked out a little better but it does have a price. In Beaver’s Poem, Ward decides to cancel movie night with the wifey, played by Barbara Billingsley. Well, he ends up helping with homework and would write a winning poem for Beaver. Yet another time has fatherly discipline taking center stage. In The Pipe, we find Beaver admitting to Ward that he did smoke. Well, that’s a no-no, and Dad is setting the record straight with his son, according to TV Insider. If you have FETV at home, then tune in on Sunday night for a mini-Leave It to Beaver marathon.

Actor Hugh Beaumont, left, is part of a movie card with actress Cheryl Walker. (Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Recently, former child actor Stephen Talbot, who played Gilbert on the show, would remember his time working alongside Beaumont. “He was a very good actor and was in a bunch of film noirs,” Talbot said in an interview with Best Classic Bands. “Jerry Mathers always talks about when he [Beaumont] played a hard-ass detective who used to rough people up in questioning.” That’s pretty cool and you probably can find one of those movies on a streaming platform.

Meanwhile, did you know that Beaumont had other TV work to his name? It’s true. Let’s take a little look at some other career moments for the actor. Back in 1953, he was an ex-convict who would meet up with George Reeves in The Adventures of Superman. Reeves, of course, played “The Man of Steel” in the show. He also appeared that year opposite Clayton Moore on The Lone Ranger as a Midwestern preacher.