‘Leave It to Beaver’s Tony Dow Once Starred in This Comedy Flop

by Megan Molseed

The late Tony Dow is certainly well known for his iconic role as Wally Beaver in the classic TV sitcom series, Leave It To Beaver. However, he had multiple other projects beyond this one, some relating to the star’s original career-making role as Wally. Others, however, let the longtime actor and director step outside of the classic TV genre into some more daring projects. One role in a comedy film-flop, however, finds Tony Dow portraying himself…or more specifically, a former child star.

Leave It To Beaver’s Tony Dow Joins David Spade In A Comedy Flop

In 2003, comedian David Spade starred in the comedy film Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. The film follows Spade as the titular character Dickie Roberts, a washed-up actor who is looking for his chance to get back into the spotlight. His goal is to land a spot in Rob Reiner’s latest film.

In his journeys to reclaim his fame, Spade’s Dickie Roberts has run-ins with a variety of other child actors. Most of which are played by real former child stars such as Dow, Danny Bonaduce, Emmanuel Lewis, and Leif Garrett.

Tony Dow’s turn in the film occurs when a bunch of the child stars come together to reunite for a song about how they loved their roles as still-famous child stars. But, these actors sing in their scenes, they do wish their fans would leave them alone for a bit.

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star Falls Short For Many Audiences – But The Comedy Was Still Spot-On

The David Spade film did not do well at its release. However, it still has a following as the comedy’s unique take on the business continues to provide laughs for audiences. One reviewer notes that Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star is just a modest dumb comedy.”

This review notes that the 2003 film “seizes on the delicious joy of lowered expectations, and meets them amply and honestly.” It certainly gives fans a fun trip down memory lane with the long list of fun cameos!

Tony Dow Has An Expansive Filmography Including Roles In Some Classic Big-Time Shows

Leave It To Beaver may be the role for which Tony Dow is most famous. However, his career spanned far beyond the classic sitcom series. During his career, Dow worked on some popular 1980s shows such as Knight Rider, Murder, She Wrote, and Charles in Charge.

He also has multiple behind-the-scenes credits to his name per IMDB. Some of these include episodes of Babylon 5.