‘Little House on the Prairie’ Fans Are Losing It Over This Bizarre Nellie Oleson-Elon Musk Mashup Pic

by Shelby Scott

Melissa Gilbert’s Laura Ingalls Wilder reigns as the central character in the classic TV series, Little House on the Prairie. However, another prominent character within the nine-season-long story is Nellie Oleson. Fans remember Nellie as the troublesome, curly-haired monster of a child that was often found terrorizing Laura throughout their childhood.

Now, decades following the historical drama’s conclusion, the fictional character has returned to terrorize audiences in a new way. Today, the internet is wild with ridiculous celebrity photo mashups. This time, it reached a new high, sending Little House in the Prairie fans spiraling with this Nellie Oleson-Elon Musk cross.

The post, which was ironically shared by Laura Ingalls Wilder actress Melissa Gilbert herself, made many fans uncomfortable. And many of the comments following the image are absolutely hysterical.

“Nellie doesn’t deserve this,” one Little House on the Prairie fan wrote, capping the comment with several crying emojis. Another begged, “Oh please don’t do this to poor [Alison Arngrim],” referring to the actress who played Nellie Oleson in Little House on the Prairie.

In her own reaction to the strange mashup, Little House‘s Melissa Gilbert laughed, “Nellie Musk!…AND…I’m [dead]!!!”

While some Little House on the Prairie fans were uncomfortable viewing the photo, others thanked Gilbert for a major laugh.

“Omg, whoa!” one of the actress’s followers wrote. “The best thing I’ve seen all day.”

‘Little House on the Prairie’s Alison Arngrim Once Recalled an Important Lesson She Learned From Costar Michael Landon

Whether or not you’re for the bizarre “Nellie Musk” image above, the character’s actress enjoyed just as much recognition for her role on Little House on the Prairie as did Melissa Gilbert did as Laura Ingalls Wilder. Across nine seasons, Alison Arngrim’s Nellie Oleson served as Laura Ingalls Wilder’s foil. She made her first onscreen appearance on the show at just 11 years old. Like Melissa Gilbert, the girl grew up on the set. Later, recalling her time on Little House on the Prairie, Alison Arngrim, now 60 years old, shared an interesting lesson she learned from another costar, Michael Landon.

During a 2004 interview, Arngrim shared what Landon, who played Gilbert’s onscreen father Charles Ingalls, taught her about fans.

In detailing the actor and director’s interactions with fans, Arngrim said, “We’d be on the sets, and he’d be in the middle of screaming at someone, and a family would come on the set and he would drop what he was doing, turn around and say, here, sign autographs, hold the baby, kiss the wife, pose for pictures and then say, ‘OK, thank you,’ and then turn back and go ‘and another thing’ and go back to what he was doing.”

During that interview, she summed that Michael Landon is essentially the reason she signs autographs.