‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Karen Grassle Shares Throwback Picture With Michael Landon from Pilot Episode

by Joe Rutland

While many photos from Little House on the Prairie usually are shared by Melissa Gilbert, we get one today from another star. Karen Grassle famously played Caroline Ingalls opposite Michael Landon playing Charles Ingalls. This photo that Grassle is sharing with us happens to be from the show’s pilot. The actress talks about it some more and gives a little insight. The show remains a staple of classic TV, many years since its original run on NBC. People still have a fondness for Little House on the Prairie. They filled up the comments section with a lot of platitudes and good wishes for Grassle.

This pilot originally appeared in 1974 and started the long storytelling of the life of Laura Ingalls. Gilbert played Laura on the show. She has remained quite focused on sharing her life and pieces from the TV show. Still, it’s pretty cool to see Grassle offering up photos and memories, too. Speaking of Grassle and Landon, they had a chance to work on mending fences between one another. There have been stories over the years about Landon’s behavior toward Grassle. She has shared them at times, too. Before Landon’s death, though, they had a chance to talk.

Karen Grassle of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Made Peace With Michael Landon

A story from Closer indicates that both of them would talk in 1991, the same year he would die at 54 years old. Grassle would state that Landon asked Grassle to call him before his death. Upon reflection, Grassle did say that the conversation with Landon would free her of “the bad feelings.” Grassle said, “We had such a nice conversation. We both chose to let bygones be bygones without actually having the conversation. But that meant so much to me.”

One situation that Grassle would bring up was around the actress’ desire for a salary bump and Landon was against it. Ultimately, she did get her pay raise after Landon gave in and let it happen. What many people might not know is just how much power Landon had over the show. Sure, he was the main star on the show but he was a producer, a director and even sometimes would rewrite scripts. He definitely was one of those guys who had his hand in pretty much every aspect of Little House on the Prairie.

These days, Grassle apparently considers herself quite “honored” to play one of televison’s most beloved mothers. She would go a little more in-depth about this in an interview with Fox News. “It’s been very gratifying,” Grassle said regarding fans who still love to see her on TV. “And I’m awfully lucky.”