‘Little House on the Prairie’s Melissa Gilbert Posts Funny Parody Version of Show’s Iconic Intro

by Joe Rutland

A lot of Little House on the Prairie fans know how the show opens up all the time with Melissa Gilbert coming down a hill. Well, we have something quite interesting for you. Have you ever seen an animal mimic her? You will not believe your eyes here. Gilbert herself shared this clip on Saturday. We do know that it’s named Winston. See this for yourself, Little House fans. You might not see the iconic show introduction in the same light ever again.

Fans definitely were sharing their thoughts about this one. A fan writes, “I missed that episode!” Another one says, “Oooh my goodness too funny.” As for a general comment on the show itself, this fan writes, “I still watch. It’s wholesome and God knows we don’t find a lot of wholesome anymore.” Little House on the Prairie can be seen in syndication these days.

Michael Landon Was Quite Involved With ‘Little House on the Prairie’

No, this new introduction will not be edited into those episodes. But the show represented a time and place in America where families were close and leaned upon each other for support. Yes, the show did tackle difficult topics at times. Yet the storylines would provide something of value and substance. It was important to Michael Landon, who played Charles Ingalls, that they did.

When you watch this show, then you can bet Landon’s hands were all over it. Scripts, production, cameras, the whole works. Gilbert holds fond memories of her time on the show. These days, she’s busy writing books and enjoying her life in New York state with her husband, Tim Busfield. Little House on the Prairie was based on the books and life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Gilbert, of course, played Laura or “Halfpint” on the show. Landon was her father there with Karen Grassle appearing as mother Caroline Ingalls.

Meanwhile, Gilbert happened to be in a good mood on a recent “throwback Thursday” on social media. She said that she is currently working on a project and dug up some old-school photos. They happened to be some never-before-seen looks at her time on the NBC drama. In fact, the last one in this set of photos she shared on Instagram has Landon standing where Walnut Grove used to be. The imagery is quite stunning. You can see Gilbert as a young actress along with her costars. Her time on the show appears to have taught her a lot of lessons she still carries with her closely. But fans happen to just enjoy seeing her and everyone else in their roles. So, that show ran for nine seasons and 204 episodes. They still hold up many years later. It was on NBC from 1974-83.