‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Provides Major Health Update in New Post

by Joe Rutland

Little House on the Prairie actress Melissa Gilbert is letting her fans know about a pretty big health update for the classic TV star. Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on the NBC family drama, speaks of her health tests. In fact, she said that due to some changes in her diet, Gilbert’s cholesterol mark has dropped 30 points. We think that’s pretty good, too. But Gilbert also lets her fans know that the tests are still ongoing. Pretty soon, they will not only involve her but her husband, actor Tim Busfield. We will let Gilbert herself tell you all about it in this lengthy Instagram post.

Those who follow Gilbert do wish her all the best around her health issues. In the past few months, she was one of many people who contracted COVID-19. But Gilbert would get better and continue to keep her health a priority.

Melissa Gilbert of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Happy Away From Hollywood Lifestyle

She’s also been busy writing and publishing a new book. Gilbert a while back moved to a new home with Busfield located in New York state. She’s found it to be quite good for her as she has stopped being so worried about the Hollywood lifestyle. Gilbert would get Botox treatments and do whatever else she could do to keep herself looking good. These days, though, you just might find her in a pair of overalls and working in a garden. Living away from the bright lights and big-city atmosphere suits her.

Speaking of her New York state home, she has an interesting name for it. Want to guess? OK, so it has nothing to do with any TV work or project she’s been in throughout her career. Go ahead and dismiss that from your mind. Well, Gilbert calls it “The Cabbage.” In some sweet photos that she shared again on Instagram, we get a chance to see her son, Michael Garrett Boxleitner.

It might seem like she shares all things about her life on social media. Well, that’s not really true. But she does not shy away from Little House on the Prairie. She’s gotten quite comfortable around being known as “Halfpint,” her character’s nickname. You remember hearing Michael Landon call her that on the TV show, right? OK, if not, then go watch the reruns. Apparently, someone thought it would be cool to post a funny parody video from the show. We see Gilbert coming down a hill as a young girl. Then we see what looks like a snow monkey doing the same thing. You have to see it to believe it. Thankfully, Gilbert is in pretty good health these days. She will be around for a long time to come.