‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Shows Off Incredible Haul From Her Garden

by Alex Falls

Little House on the Prairie is a fondly remembered classic TV show that fans still love to pour over. The show was filled with memorable characters, but perhaps the most memorable performance in the show came from Melissa Gilbert.

She mostly stays out of the acting spotlight these days. She only occasionally takes roles in TV films. However, Gilbert stays a busy woman. She loves keeping her fans up to date with her many projects. Most of which would fit right at home with the little farm in Minnesota.

Most recently, she showed off a major haul that came out of her very own garden.

It’s certainly an impressive bounty. She captioned the post, “Today’s haul from the garden. Mint, cucumbers, summer squash, chives, rosemary, green beans, dill and oregano. Freezing mint in water for cooling ice cubes. The other herbs are getting frozen in ice cube trays with olive oil to use later this year. Then I’m making sweet and sour dill pickles. Can you peep my cute strawberry kettle and adorable berry dish towels from @officialmodernprairie? I’m so in love with our fantastic products and the amazing women who create them. Check them all out. #modernprairie link is in my bio. #happy #healthy #garden #organic #organicgardening #herbs #veggies #catskills #backtotheprairiebook #foreverhalfpint”

Melissa Gilbert on Her Childhood Fam

Gilbert has been outspoken in her adult life about the difficulties that came with her star-making turn in Little House. For children who get swept up in the celebrity world, the pressure is often far too much.

“When I was a young teenager is when it got difficult. At least as I’ve observed it, the teenage years are … when we are supposed to be somewhat undisciplined and stretching the boundaries,” she told The Post and Courier in 2018.

“I remember not wanting to wear those petticoats and pantaloons and stuff [and] I remember wanting to dress like everybody my age did. I remember wanting to change my hair, and I wasn’t allowed to. Apparently, a nose job was OK (laughing), that I got a green light for. But the other stuff, I had to stay disciplined, and I had to maintain my work ethic.”

Even though Gilbert faced difficult times growing up in the spotlight, she still takes a lot of pride in the work she did on the show. Little House helped teach children and adults alike about quality attitudes in life like kindness and forgiveness. The show remains a timeless example of wholesome family values.

“No matter what time we’re existing in, no matter where technology is going or where the world is headed, we still need each other. We still need that human touch. We still rely on one another as people. I think that’s the strong core of the show. The values of that kind of togetherness and support, the kindness and compassion,” Gilbert said.